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Models listed in alphabetical order:

Area scan camera models:

Fusion Series

Multi-sensor area scan cameras with unique capabilities for multispectral imaging applications.

Models starting with: AD/FS/FSFE

Apex Series

3-CMOS prism-based RGB area scan cameras providing better color fidelity than traditional Bayer cameras.

Models starting with: AP/AT/CV

Apex Medical Solutions

The ultimate combination of color precision and dust-free image quality for medical and life sciences applications.

Models starting with: AP

Line scan camera models:

Sweep+ Series

Multi-sensor prism-based color/NIR line scan cameras combining precision, sensitivity and multispectral options.

Models starting with: SW/LQ/LT

Sweep Series

Monochrome and trilinear line scan cameras with fast scan rates and high image quality.

Models starting with: SW

Wave Series

Prism-based dual-sensor InGaAs line scan cameras for Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) imaging.

Models starting with: WA

Wave Series
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