JAI | JAI industrial cameras for web and surface inspection systems

JAI cameras for web and surface quality inspection.

JAI’s line scan cameras are the perfect choice for the inspection of continuous flat-form products and object surfaces.

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Sometimes “scratching the surface” is a defect, not a phrase.

Comprehensive line scan expertise

Quality inspecting of continuous flat form products like textiles, paper, sheet metal, films or wood requires deep expertise in line scan technology. With a proven track record in this field, JAI is your perfect camera partner.

Catching every defect, even at top speed

Modern printing presses or production lines for paper, plastic sheeting, and other materials run at extreme speeds and require a 100% inspection of the products. JAI’s monochrome and color line scan cameras offer high precision at some of the fastest rates in the industry.

High resolution to identify surface faults

Even slighthly scratched surfaces or textural imperfections can lead to rejected products or a damaged company reputation. Efficient and reliable detection of the smallest defects is a job well suited to the high resolution and low noise images produced by JAI line scan cameras.

JAI cameras: a perfect fit for web and surface inspection systems

Roll-based and flat-form production lines for paper, plastic, textiles, steel, and more require extremely fast in-line inspection systems with continuous operation and high data volumes.

JAI’s broad range of line scan cameras are the perfect vision platform to monitor and inspect these so-called “web” applications. High speed monochrome and trilinear cameras identify small tears that can lead to major breaks and costly downtime, while innovative products like our prism-based 3-chip and 4-chip line scan cameras help to spot scratches, stains, pattern and color deviations better than standard color cameras.

Web inspection systems built around JAI cameras catch subtle defects to avoid expensive rework later in the production process. And that means higher yields and happier customers.

Typical web and surface inspection applications

Line scan cameras ensure perfectly printed material

Large, web-based printing presses are still one of the best known areas for line scan imaging systems – making sure that colors and print registration are correct.

Looking for anomalies in paper production

Producing paper is a high speed business that requires high-end vision systems and cameras to identify any anomalies in the product.

The steel industry relies on surface inspection systems

Sheet metal for car panels has to be inspected for dings and scratches before getting painted. Even small defects can lead to a spoiled overall appearance.

Web inspection in textile production

Perfect fabrics are the basis for fine outfits. Line scan cameras accurately identify color mismatches or flaws in weaving to avoid defective goods.

Plastic film inspection

Plastic films can be found in almost all areas of life to cover all kinds of products. During production, rolls of plastic are inspected by surface inspection systems.

Cameras for web and surface inspection systems

Below are listed a few of the most popular JAI camera choices for web and surface inspection systems. Contact JAI for more options.

Sweep+ Series LT-200CL

2K, 30 kHz 3-CMOS prism color line scan

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Sweep Series SW-4000M-PMCL

4K, 200 kHz monochrome line scan

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Sweep Series SW-8000M-PMCL

8K, 100 kHz monochrome line scan

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Sweep Series SW-4000TL-PMCL

4K, 66 kHz trilinear color line scan

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Sweep+ Series SW-4000T-MCL

4K, 66 kHz 3-CMOS prism color line scan

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Sweep+ Series LQ-401CL

4K, 18 kHz RGB+NIR prism line scan

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Sweep Series LQ-201CL

2K, 33 kHz RGB+NIR prism line scan

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