Innovative industrial camera solutions

High performance industrial cameras combining supreme image quality with outstanding reliability and durability!


JAI A/S provides innovative industrial area scan and line scan cameras for applications in machine vision, medical imaging and outdoor imaging applications, as well as complete camera solutions for traffic imaging/vehicle recognition in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

Founded in Denmark in 1963, JAI has today a global presence through companies in Denmark (headquarters), Germany, Singapore, Japan, China, and USA, and via distribution partners in more than 35 countries. JAI's vision systems help improve customer businesses in numerous ways, whether by improving quality and accuracy of products, lowering production line inspection costs, increasing production yields or creating higher efficiency in road traffic.

With more than 58 years in business, JAI has sold over 1 million cameras worldwide in multiple applications and industries where camera vision technology is used as an integrated part of a process, product or service.


Strict quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process:
Every electronic board mounted in a JAI camera undergoes thorough automated optical inspection, x-ray inspection and soldering inspection to ensure flawless electronics. During camera assembly, cameras are further submitted to aging tests, optical tests and a complete finish test including measurements and documentation against the EMVA 1288 standard. JAI offers 6-year warranty on the Go-X Series and 3-year warranty on all other camera series.


Reliability you can count on:
JAI cameras are designed to deliver superb performance under real-world operating conditions. They are built to withstand high vibration effects (up to 10G), high shock occurrence (up to 80G), and to efficiently dissipate heat to minimize breakdowns – even under 24/7/365 workloads. And for added peace of mind, JAI cameras are backed by the industry’s best warranties – six full years for Go-X Series cameras and three years for all other models.


Low cost-of-ownership:
Every detail in a JAI camera – electronics, mechanicals and software - is carefully engineered to ensure excellent product reliability and supreme image quality. As a result, cameras from JAI offer high MTBF numbers, ensuring long lasting and trouble-free operation. For you, this means low cost of ownership for any JAI camera.


A JAI camera for every vision need:
JAI offers a broad range of cameras to suit almost every imaging need in industrial, medical, science and outdoor imaging, including traffic and sports/entertainment applications. You can choose from a wide range of single-imager cameras starting at very attractive price levels or - if your vision application needs the very best in color fidelity - you can choose from a broad selection of prism-based multi-imager area scan and line scan cameras. JAI has it all.


A broad range of interfaces: 
JAI offers a range of different industry standard interfaces, so you are able to choose the interface of your preference for each individual vision task. JAI offers cameras with USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, 10GigE Vision, SFP+, CoaXPress, Camera Link and Mini Camera Link interfaces.


Close support - when you need it:
You can post an e-mail question to our on-line helpdesk at any time – day or night on JAI´s technical camera experts monitor incoming support questions round-the-clock and the first vacant support technician will take the case to help you solve your problem and get your project moving. Please also check out for FAQ’s and more.

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