Traffic camera sub-systems and LED traffic flashes

Traffic camera sub-systems and LED flashes designed to provide superior image quality and high read rates of license plates under the most demanding situations including high-speed traffic; high contrast from bright sunlight and shadows; headlights and nighttime conditions; different plate colors and styles; and much more.

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Traffic Viscam1000 Product Card 115X90Px


Traffic camera subsystem for road tolling and traffic enforcement applications. Integration with lane controllers and back office systems.

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Traffic Drive 5 Product Card 115X90Px


A self-contained imaging system providing outstanding image quality in a form factor that’s small, rugged, and affordable.

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Traffic Led Flash 115X90Px Product Card 115X90Px

LED Flash Products

LED traffic flash providing high power external illumination to complement any vehicle imaging setup. Both visible and non-visible solutions

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