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Mission, Vision & Values

JAI leads the way in developing vision technology, providing innovative digital camera technology for applications in machine vision, medical equipment, global security and high-end surveillance systems, as well as providing complete solutions for vehicle imaging in traffic enforcement, traffic control and traffic management.

JAI has sold more than 1,000,000 cameras worldwide to multiple applications and industries where camera vision technology is used as an integrated part of a process, product or service.

The JAI Group's mission is to develop and distribute user-friendly tools for the professional world market by combining electronic eyes and electronic brains into a meaningful whole.

To be one of the leading companies in machine vision industry, for integrity and passion of our people, providing the best combination of performance, quality and innovative products.


We are forward thinking
At JAI we are flexible, open-minded and forward thinking. We constantly challenge ourselves to find better ways of working and are always receptive to change. We strive to be an active market player and to stand out by virtue of our knowledgeable and practical approach.

For us quality is second to none
Without compromise we demonstrate our dedication to quality in every aspect of our work and within our organization.

We believe in strong relationships
At JAI we believe that the customer is king – and we know that good customer relationships are hard to establish and easy to lose. We accept that we cannot be special to everyone – but for the ones we choose to be special for, we strive to be a trusted and valued partner.

We are humble
We are always understandable and accessible to our customers. We respect their opinions and base our work on ongoing dialogue with all of our customers. In everything we do we are straightforward, hard working, and cost-conscious.

We are honest
At JAI we keep our promises and our word to both our customers and colleagues. We do not make a promise that we cannot keep. Our customers trust us to deliver on time, every time, and we are dedicated to upholding their trust.

We are business people
At JAI good business is our business. We know our customer’s business and apply our business judgment in everything we do. This benefits our customers and their business – and is thereby beneficial for JAI.

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