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Go-X Series. 66 different models to choose from!

Resolutions from 2.3 to 24.5 megapixels. With GigE Vision, USB3 Vision and CoaXPress interface.

Small, affordable and reliable industrial cameras….

Discover the new go-X camera models

New prism line scan camera provides simultaneous R-G-B + SWIR imaging

Reveal “hidden” image data in fruit/vegetables, semiconductors, pharma, battery inspection & more…

Discover the new Sweep+ model

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JAI supplies high performance industrial cameras combining supreme image quality with outstanding reliability and durability.

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Get the traffic rolling with JAI’S VISCAM 1000….

Traffic imaging system for use in open road tolling, speed enforcement, and other ANPR-driven ITS applications.

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Spark Series 25 and 45-megapixel high performance solutions

JAI’s Spark Series SP-45000 and SP-25000 cameras are the perfect choice for applications that demand high resolution images and the highest possible throughput.

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UPS Family picture 270x164

Camera Series Overview

Get a quick introduction to JAI’s camera families and what they can do for you.

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The JAI Technology difference uv color nir swir

The JAI tech. difference

We help you maximize your vision system performance with our specialized imaging technologies.

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Why Choose JAI

Why Choose JAI?

Here are 4 good reasons to team up with JAI as your supplier of industrial area scan and line scan cameras.

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JAI Industrial Cameras Case Studies 3

Case Studies

JAI's cameras are used in a wide range of machine vision systems worldwide. Discover a few of the latest examples.

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Find the camera series for your imaging application

Wave Series

Prism-based 2-sensor InGaAs line scan cameras for Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) imaging.

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Go-X Series

CMOS area scan cameras that are compact, lightweight and attractively-priced, with added measures to prevent dust in the optical path.

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Go Series

JAI´s original small CMOS area scan cameras with 2.4 or 5.1 megapixel resolutions, three interface options, plus UV models and polarized models.

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Spark Series

Advanced CMOS area scan cameras delivering high resolution, high frame rates, and high image quality.

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Apex Series

3-CMOS prism-based R-G-B area scan cameras providing better color fidelity and spatial precision than traditional Bayer cameras.

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Apex Medical & Life Sciences

Low noise, high sensitivity 3-CMOS cameras fine-tuned for advanced color imaging in microscopy and medical equipment.

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Fusion Series

2 and 3-CMOS multispectral area scan cameras for simultaneous capture of multiple spectral bands in the visible and NIR light range.

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Fusion Flex-Eye

Custom-built multispectral area scan cameras (visible and near-infrared light) with two or three CMOS image sensors.

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Sweep Series

Monochrome and trilinear line scan cameras with fast scan rates and high image quality.

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Sweep+ Series

Multi-sensor prism-based line scan cameras combining color precision, sensitivity and NIR or SWIR multispectral options.

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JAI industrial cameras…for a wide range of machine vision and imaging tasks

Automotive inspection

Cameras for use in vision systems to inspect brakes, gearboxes, catalytic converters, tires and other critical automotive parts, plus paint inspection systems and verification of color LEDs in dashboard instruments.

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Electronics inspection

JAI offers a wide range of industrial machine vision cameras suitable for visual inspection of electronics, including bare boards, wire bonding, component positioning, solder paste quality and wafer probing.

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Food and beverage inspection

Inspection and sorting of fruits and vegetables in correct colors, grading, quality and portions as well as foreign object detection.

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Traffic and outdoor imaging

Camera components and sub-systems for number plate capture and traffic management systems, plus a wide range of other outdoor applications from mapping to vegetation analysis, to autonomous vehicles.

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Packaging and print inspection

A range of cameras for high-end color print inspection of currency, product packaging and many other types of printed material.

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Pharmaceutical and cosmetics

Multi-sensor and single-sensor cameras for color quality control of ampoules, capsules, multi-layer tablets and other cosmetics and medical products.

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Sports and entertainment

JAI’s cameras are ideal for special vision applications in sports like complete stadium video systems and sports finish lines but also for special effects in movie making and green screen productions.

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Web and surface inspection

JAI cameras are used in vision systems dedicated to in-line production inspection of surfaces on continuous flat-form products like textile, paper, sheet metal, plastics, films, ceramics and wood.

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Medical & life sciences

A range of advanced medical diagnostics and treatment methods require high-end imaging techniques. JAI cameras are the perfect choice.

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Government & defense

JAI cameras for aerospace, defense, surveillance, and government labs. For use in ground systems, airborne systems and advanced research projects.

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