2-sensor prism-based color + NIR area scan cameras

JAI's 2-CCD multi-spectral prism cameras provide simultaneous images of different light spectrums through a single optical path. The cameras split incoming light into two separate channels - a visible color channel from 400-700nm and a near infrared (NIR) channel from 750-900+nm.

This makes it possible to simultaneously inspect surface properties or printing, as well as sub-surface defects or other information which is optimally detected at NIR wavelengths.

JAI’s multi-spectral imaging camera technology allows users to replace multiple inspection stations with a single setup, providing both ease of use and lower equipment and maintenance costs.

The cameras are ideal for inspecting currency, checks, textiles, plastics, circuit boards, and organic items such as fruit and vegetables.

Area Scan 2 Sensor Hdr Multi Spectral Fusion 600X360Px
  • Multi-spectral imaging technology allows users to replace multiple inspection stations with a single camera set-up.
  • The Fusion Series comprises three multi-spectral cameras (from 0.8 to 1.3 megapixels).
  • Available with GigE interface and Camera Link interface.
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* Note: Models with 'YES' in the ROI column can be adjusted to lower resolutions at higher frame rates. For more information, please download the frame rate calculator available on the specific product page or consult JAI for assistance.

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Tick to compareProduct LineModelTypeColor / MonoLight SpectrumResolution (MP)Resolution (WxH)Frame rate / Line rateROIInterfaceSensorsSensor NameCell Size (WxH)
Product Image Ad 080 Cl Front
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Fusion Series AD-080-CLArea ScanColorVisible + NIR0.81024 x 768 px30 fpsNoCamera Link2XCCDICX204AK4.65 x 4.65 µm
Product Image Ad 080 Ge Front
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Fusion Series AD-080-GEArea ScanColorVisible + NIR0.81024 x 768 px30 fpsNoGigE Vision2XCCDICX204AK4.65 x 4.65 µm
Product Image Ad 130 Ge Front
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Fusion Series AD-130-GEArea ScanColorVisible + NIR1.31296 x 966 px31 fpsNoGigE Vision2XCCDICX4473.75 x 3.75 µm

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