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JAI provides innovative digital CCD/CMOS camera technology for applications in industrial machine vision, medical imaging and outdoor imaging applications, as well as complete solutions for traffic imaging/vehicle recognition in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

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About JAI

Get a short general introduction to JAI.

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The JAI technology difference

We help you maximize your vision system performance with our specialized imaging technologies.

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Why choose JAI?

4 good reasons to team up with JAI as your supplier of industrial area scan and line scan cameras.

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Keep updated on new JAI products, white papers + more.

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An overview of JAI's participation in exhibitions and other events

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Quality assurance

More information on JAI´s quality assurance and compliance.

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Mission and values

Read more about JAI's mission and company values.

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Job openings.

Find the perfect machine vision camera to meet your application requirements.

Get advice from our product engineer.

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