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Supporting your vision of building better medical and life sciences imaging systems

A range of advanced medical diagnostics and treatment methods require high-end imaging techniques. JAI cameras are the perfect choice.

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Everyone should lead a colorful life. Our prism area scan cameras help to capture life’s colors when they matter the most.

Supreme color differentiation and spatial precision

Cameras built into medical diagnostics devices need to deliver the best images to support health professionals making correct diagnostics. JAI’s 3-CMOS prism-based RGB cameras provide high class color images with outstanding color differentiation and spatial precision.

Optimized for medical and life sciences applications

Selected Apex Series cameras include special features designed for builders of medical and life sciences imaging systems, including integration with leading microscopy software, extra dust screening/preventive measures, models with extended red sensitivity, and more.

Reliable technology for precise image analysis

In medical devices where color images are used as part of a diagnostics process, JAI provides the accurate, reliable color imaging data needed by advanced image analysis algorithms, thereby unlocking the full potential of the system.

Exceptionally accurate color image data for digital pathology, ophthalmology, and more

In ophthalmology, digital color imaging is used for disease diagnostics and for monitoring progression of a disease. In recent years, also the field of digital pathology has become still more automated using whole slide scanners and microscopes to capture digital images for computer analysis aiming to improve the accuracy of disease diagnostics. In endoscopy and surgical imaging systems, prism cameras from JAI help to reproduce the subtlest color variations and details, helping doctors and/or staff to more precisely differentiate tissue types and identify small and fine structures with greater precision. JAI 3-CMOS prism cameras are an excellent choice for OEM integration into high-end medical imaging equipment.

Typical applications in medical and life sciences imaging

Precision counts in ophthalmology

For ophthalmologists, looking at retina, optic nerve head, micro vessels etc., image accuracy and color precision are key factors in disease diagnostics and treatment. JAI cameras do the job.

Digital pathology requires best images

In digital pathology the camera has to deliver high quality color images for precise diagnostics. JAI’s prism cameras play a key role in whole field scanners and microscopes used in digital pathology.

Fluorescence microscopy

In microscopy, fluorescent stains (fluorophores) are often added to make specific cell proteins and other organic compounds observable. JAI’s prism cameras catch the most subtle color differences.

Brightfield microscopy

High frame rates in combination with supreme color fidelity and maximum dust suppression, makes prism cameras very suitable cell counting and time-lapse microscopy studying live cellular dynamics.

Endoscopy and surgical imaging systems

High resolution prism cameras from JAI, help to discern subtle color variations and fine details, enabling doctors and/or staff to more precisely differentiate tissue types.

Hematology imaging analyzer

JAI 3-CMOS prism color cameras provide very accurate color image data making them ideal for integration into hematology analyzers supporting improved identification and pre-classification of blood cells and other blood components.

Dermatology research

In modern dermatology research and diagnostics, digitial imaging is becoming increasingly important. JAI´s prism-based 3-CMOS cameras deliver the most accurate images of skin color nuances and pigments.

Accurate production inspection of precision medical devices

Modern medicine demands the highest possible quality standards in everything from syringes, to catheters, to surgical tools. To produce and inspect this equipment, high quality imaging systems are mandatory.

Cameras for Microscopy & Medical systems

Below are listed a few of the most popular JAI camera choices for microscopy, medical and life sciences applications. Contact JAI for more options.


3.2 MP 38fps 3xCMOS RGB area scan camera

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1.6 MP 79 fps 3xCMOS RGB area scan camera

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3.2 MP 38fps 3xCMOS RGB area scan camera

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1.6 MP 79 fps 3xCMOS RGB area scan camera

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