JAI | JAI CMOS cameras for pharmaceutical inspection systems.

Reliability is the only thing that counts in the pharmaceutical industry

When producing and distributing pills and liquid medicines, lives are at stake. There is no room for errors. JAI cameras stand for reliability.

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JAI machine vision CMOS and CCD cameras are the perfect platform for vision inspection systems in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics business.

Vision systems in pharmaceutical need to be reliable.

Due to its unbeaten reliability, JAI’s camera technology is ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical production line inspection applications, as well as for reading codes, braille and LOT numbers on packages and containers to ensure traceability.

JAI cameras have the high speeds that are needed.

The production of medicine and cosmetics are high volume businesses with fast processes. The JAI line scan and area scan camera portfolio covers the speeds needed to perform the rapid, efficient inspection of pills, powders, liquids and cosmetics.

You can count on colors checked by JAI cameras.

There's a problem when the color of a medical or cosmetics product is not exactly how it should be. In the world of beauty, this may only cause irritations; bad medicine can cause health problems. JAI cameras help to ensure 100% product quality in both industries.

The perfect choice for inspecting pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

The pharmaceutical industry is continuously concerned with meeting international regulations and optimizing patient safety via reliable quality assurance routines during production of pills and liquid medicines. In cosmetics, the consequences of product faults are usualy less hazardous; nevertheless, this industry takes substantial efforts to provide 100% quality.

For both industries,JAI cameras play an important role enabling vision systems to detect any kind of failure. Based on high-speed, high-resolution, monochrome, color, multi-spectral, UV-sensitve and many more specialized cameras, we can supply the advanced imaging products that help to solve your application.

Typical applications in pharmaceutical & cosmetics

Blister pack inspection guarantees safe medicine.

Detecting missing tablets, wrong colors, broken blister sealings etc. are key quality assurance routines in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ampoules and vials without a fault.

Imaging systems check color codes and discoloration of the liquid contents and make sure that there´s no unwanted material or precipitations.

Closure and sealing inspection.

Reliable, fast cameras are essential to guarantee the correct sealing of medical or cosmetics containers and to identify scratches, cracks or dirt.

Bulk pill inspection for high quantity production.

Medical production needs effective quality assurance processes. Bulk inspection of pills makes sure that color, size and coatings are flawless.

Label inspection, a must for traceability.

For safety reasons, medicine has to be traceable at all stages. Impossible - without cameras inspecting matrix or barcodes, braille and lot numbers!

Typical cameras for pharmaceutical & cosmetics

Below are listed a few of the most popular JAI camera choices for pharmaceutical & cosmetics inspection systems. Contact JAI for more options.

Apex Series AT-140

1.4 MP 3-CCD RGB prism area scan

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Apex Series AT-200

2 MP 3-CCD RGB prism area scan

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Apex Series AP-3200T

3.2 MP 3-CMOS RGB prism area scan

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Sweep+ Series LT-200CL

2K, 30 kHz 3-CMOS prism line scan

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Go Series GO-2400

2.35 MP 1/1.2" CMOS area scan

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Fusion Series AD-131GE

1.3 MP 2-CCD prism HDR camera

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Apex Series AT-030MCL

0.3 MP 3-CCD RGB prism area scan

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