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Industrial area scan and line scan cameras for a wide range of applications in machine vision, traffic and medical imaging. Choose your field...

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Automotive 340X140Px

Automotive inspection

Satisfying the needs of a quality critical industry, JAI cameras deliver high quality images used in a wide range of automotive applications.

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Electronics Inspection 340X140Px

Electronics inspection

High performance JAI cameras provide the speed and precision to catch small defects so they don’t become big problems.

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Food Beverage 340X140Px

Food & beverage

High performance industrial cameras for food sorting, fill-level monitoring, and other automated inspection tasks.

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JAI Cameras Surveilance 340x140px

Government & defense

JAI´s experience with aerospace, defense and surveillance systems spans over two decades covering projects in North America and around the world.

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Medical Life Sciences 340x140px

Medical & life sciences

A range of advanced medical diagnostics and treatment methods require high-end imaging techniques. JAI cameras are the perfect choice.

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Outdoor Traffic 340X140Px

Traffic & outdoor

Outdoor imaging systems in traffic, sports, aerial, surveilance and other areas have to meet special challenges. JAI cameras cope with them.

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Packaging Print Inspection 340X140Px

Packaging & print

JAI cameras deliver the advanced color imaging functions, high resolution, and excellent reliability needed for modern print inspection systems.

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Pharmaceutical 340X140Px

Pharmaceutical & cosmetics

When producing and distributing pills and liquid medicines, lives are at stake. There is no room for errors. JAI cameras stand for reliability.

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Sports Entertainment 340X140Px

Sports & entertainment

When world class athletes perform, the audience wants to be entertained. JAI cameras help to increase the excitement.

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Web Surface Inspection 340X140Px

Web & surface inspection

JAI’s line scan cameras are the perfect choice for the inspection of continuous flat-form products and object surfaces.

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