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A JAI camera for every vision need

JAI’s camera series suit almost every imaging need in industrial, medical and outdoor imaging, including traffic and sports. Choose from a wide range of single-sensor cameras starting at very attractive price levels or - if the application needs the very best in color fidelity – JAI offers a broad selection of multi-sensor area scan and line scan cameras.

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GOX 12401 Go X Series JAI Front View 115x90px

Go-X Series

CMOS area scan cameras that are compact, lightweight, and attractively-priced, with extra measures to prevent dust in the optical path.

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Go Series Product Card 115X90

Go Series

JAI's original small CMOS area scan cameras with 2.4 or 5.1 megapixel resolutions, three interface options, plus UV and polarized models.

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Area Scan Single Sensor Color Sp 12000 M Product Card 115X90Px

Spark Series

Advanced area scan cameras delivering high resolution, high frame rates, and high image quality.

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Area Scan 3 Sensor Rgb Prism Ap 3200 T Product Card 115X90Px

Apex Series

3-CMOS prism-based RGB area scan cameras providing better color fidelity than traditional Bayer cameras.

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Apex Microscopy Solutions 115X90Px

Apex Medical Solutions

The ultimate combination of color precision and dust-free image quality for medical and life sciences applications.

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Product Overview Fusion Series 115x90px

Fusion Series

Multi-sensor area scan cameras with unique capabilities for multispectral imaging applications.

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Product Overview Fusion Series 115x90px

Fusion Flex-Eye

Custom-built multispectral cameras (visible and near-infrared light) with two or three sensors.

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Line Scan Trilinear Color Sw 4000 Tl Product Card 115X90Px

Sweep Series

Monochrome and trilinear line scan cameras with fast scan rates and high image quality.

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Line Scan 3 Sensor R G B Lt 400 Cl F Product Card 115X90Px

Sweep+ Series

Multi-sensor prism-based RGB, RGB/NIR and RGB/SWIR line scan cameras combining precision, sensitivity and multispectral options.

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Line Scan Two Sensor Swir Wa 1000 D Cl Product Card 115X90Px

Wave Series

Prism-based dual-sensor InGaAs line scan cameras for Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) imaging.

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