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ANPR traffic camera system

VISCAM 1000 is a high performance traffic imaging system for use in Open Road Tolling (ORT), traditional toll enforcement, video speed enforcement, and other ANPR-driven ITS applications. It features a standard Ethernet interface for easy networking and is designed to provide superior image quality and high read rates under the most demanding traffic situations.

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Product Image Viscam1000 Front Angle
Product Image Viscam1000 Front Head On
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Product Image Viscam1000 Open Case

Equipped for high-speed traffic conditions

VISCAM 1000 features a high-speed, 5-megapixel CMOS camera and intelligent triggering modes to ensure that each vehicle is captured in the best location within the frame for ANPR readability. This includes high-speed traffic, lane changes, and closely-spaced vehicles.

Real-time light sensing and exposure control

Advanced algorithms constantly check image saturation levels, sun position, and other factors to ensure the best possible exposure under the most demanding situations including high contrast from bright sunlight and shadows; glare and bright spots; headlights and nighttime conditions; different plate colors and styles; and much more.

Designed for seamless integration

VISCAM 1000 is equipped with JAI’s proven EN Protocol and user interface designed for fast integration with popular lane controllers and various back office systems over a standard 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet interface.


  • 5-megapixel CMOS camera with high sensitivity and choice of fixed focal or zoom lens.

  • Monochrome or color images.

  • Single- or dual-lane coverage.

  • High internal frame rate (72 Hz).

  • Trigger-based operation for precise vehicle positioning without wasted frames.

  • Real-time light sensing and exposure adjustment.

  • H.264 video streaming and video clip recording.

  • Full digital signing and encryption capabilities.

  • Easy integration with lane controllers, back office systems, and third-party software for plate reading or visual matching.

  • Rugged, weatherproof enclosure.



Monochrome or color
5 MP, 2560 x 2048
CMOS, global shutter, ROI, HDR
72 fps internal frame rate

Image format

Monochrome: TIFF or JPEG
Color: YUV, NV12, or JPEG

Video output

Continuous H.264 video stream


Fixed focal or zoom lens with multiple lane coverage


Smart video self-triggering or external triggering via TTL or Ethernet


Auto exposure using real-time adaptive light sensing


10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet interface
Image transfer over FTP and/or TCP/IP (with backup site)
JAI’s EN Protocol and UI enables fast integration to back office lane controllers

Data processing

On-board Linux processor


Digital signing and encryption

On-axis lighting

LED ring lighting with white, NIR, or blue LEDs (up to 30 meters)


569 mm x 276 mm x 134 mm with IP66 and IK07 protection ratings


24V DC +/- 10%, 48W max. (with heater on)

Operating temperature

-30°C to +55°C


5 kg maximum

Dimension Image Viscam 1000 Side

Here are a few applications where VISCAM 1000 systems are especially suitable

VISCAM 1000 is an ideal choice for integrator partners involved in a variety of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) projects.

Toll collection and violation enforcement

Accuracy rates of over 95% on readable license plates, and as high as 98%, have been achieved by VISCAM 1000 in actual Video Enforcement Systems (VES). No other company has achieved these rates under realistic operational test conditions.

Open road tolling (ORT)

VISCAM 1000 is a core element in systems that collect road tolls cost-effectively without the need for toll booth installations and radio frequency transponders. VISCAM helps these multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) tolling projects to maximize vehicle identification for toll collection or violation enforcement.

Section/average speed control

Unlike simple “speed traps”, average speed enforcement systems track vehicles over longer distances by matching plate numbers or vehicle images to determine if enforcement action is required.

Congestion charging

JAI traffic imaging systems are being used in leading-edge projects that charge road users who congest specific areas and/or times. The goal is to encourage smarter driving habits and the use of public transportation.

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