JAI | Here are 4 of the biggest reasons, why customers choose JAI.

The JAI advantage

Why have so many design teams turned to JAI to supply the cameras that power their latest vision systems?

Here are 4 of the biggest reasons:

1: A partner for the long term....
When it comes to a business partner, dependability matters. JAI has been in business for over 60 years and maintains a “AAA” credit rating. With over a million cameras sold around the world, you can count on us to deliver the cameras you need, when and where you need them.

We understand product lifecycles and have partnered with many customers to work around component shortages and extend the availability of specific camera models for smooth transitions to next generation vision systems. With JAI as your partner, your schedules become more predictable, and your risk is reduced.

2: Quality you can rely on....
Your customers demand systems that not only work exceptionally well but offer exceptional reliability. A system that misses a critical defect or that breaks down, halting a manufacturing line, is costly for your customers and for your reputation.

That’s why at JAI, quality is our top priority. With a combination of high-quality components, sophisticated low-noise camera designs, innovative prism technologies, and meticulous QA procedures, we deliver outstanding image quality across all our cameras.

More importantly, we perform extensive thermal, shock, and vibration testing to give you peace of mind, knowing our cameras are some of the most reliable in the industry.

3: Expert support every step of the way....
While JAI prides itself in providing cameras that are both powerful and easy to use, we understand that your focus is on the overall vision system and not on becoming a camera expert. That’s why we maintain a staff of skilled engineers dedicated to helping you succeed.

Our global team of technical experts monitors incoming support questions round-the-clock to ensure that critical problems are addressed as quickly as possible. We use a consultative approach to understand your application and your technical issues so that we can quickly recommend a workable solution. With JAI, you get the expert help you need, from evaluation to final implementation.

4: Extra product features for greater value....
When you select a JAI camera for your project, you can be assured of getting all the basic features to meet your requirements. But that’s only the beginning. With JAI you’ll often find added features not available on comparably-priced cameras from other vendors.

For example, all JAI area scan models include an Automatic Level Control (ALC) function for better auto-exposure capabilities under dynamic lighting conditions. Depending on the model, advanced features like color space conversion, high dynamic range functions, flexible pixel rescaling, and much more are provided.

Line scan models may include extras like direct encoder connection, special noise reduction, or chromatic aberration correction functions. These features can give you alternate ways to achieve your design goals or can enable you to offer customers extra capabilities that set your system apart.

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