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Fast and reliable: JAI cameras enable automotive inspection systems.

Satisfying the needs of a quality critical industry, JAI cameras deliver high quality images used in a wide range of automotive applications

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JAI camera technology fulfills the needs of a demanding high level automation industry.

JAI cameras are designed for industrial environments.

Cars are built in harsh industrial environments. Delivering top performance in terms of vibration and shock resistance, MTBF and temperature ratings, JAI provides cameras that meet the requirements.

High resolution to detect details the human eye would not see.

Especially for live critical car components such as brakes or wheels there´s no room for failures. JAI´s broad range of high quality cameras covers resolutions up to several megapixels in many sizes. We have the right camera for your application!

Area scan or line scan? For JAI, it is “and”, not “or”!

In certain applications line scan cameras have benefits compared to area scan vision systems. With decades of experience in both worlds, JAI offers competitive cameras for line scan and area scan applications.

Brilliant machine vision systems result in high end car quality

The automotive industry is a major driver of today´s economies and a leading sector in terms of automated processes and product quality. At the same time, it´s a very cost-sensitive market, which also affects all systems on the production floor. Car customization is a trend: people push for individuality and special car features. This demand requires even more flexible processes and production systems. Machine vision, functioning as the eye of the production process, enables car makers to provide the needed flexibility. In that challenging scenario, JAI offers ample camera options, be it line scan, area scan, high and highest resolution and/or speeds, as well as compact camera dimensions. JAI cameras are first choice for the automotive industry!

Typical applications in the automotive industry

Assembly inspection

Door and roof assembly gap inspection, and sealing paste/weldings control are major quality issues for car makers. JAI cameras are up to the task.

Dashboard inspection

JAI cameras are used in car dashboard inspection systems to check items such as LED color matching and the completeness of all dashboard elements.

Paint finish inspection

Color quality is essential for the first impression of a new car. Paint spray inspection with JAI cameras ensures optimal paint and surface quality.

Windshield inspection

Windshields and other car glass components are important for reliability. Cracks, color mismatches, stress point problems? JAI cameras help to detect them!

Final inspection

Car makers insist on accurate final quality inspection of model labels, emblems, wheels, etc. JAI camera systems help ensure customer satisfaction.

Cameras for automotive inspection

Below are listed a few of the most popular JAI camera choices for automotive inspection systems. Contact JAI for more options.

Sweep+ Series LT-400CL

4K, 16 kHz 3-CMOS prism color line scan

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Apex Series AP-3200T

3.2 MP 3-CMOS RGB prism area scan

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Go Series GO-5000-USB

5 MP 1" CMOS area scan

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Spark Series SP-20000-USB

20 MP, 30 fps CMOS area scan

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Spark Series SP-12000-CXP4

12 MP, 189 fps CMOS area scan

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