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Sports and entertainment means fun. JAI cameras boost the experience.

When world class athletes perform, the audience wants to be entertained. JAI cameras help to increase the excitement.

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JAI cameras are the perfect eyes for sports and enterainment events.

High resolution to avoid missing a single detail.

Top athletes perform at the edge of what´s possible for humans. The audience in stadiums and on TV expects to be entertained in the best possible way. The JAI camera offering includes models with the highest resolution and speed to capture each detail.

The ability to cope with constantly changing light conditions.

Light conditions in outdoor sports venues are constantly changing. Dedicated JAI cameras supply automatic level control, which links together auto shutter, auto gain, and in some cases, auto iris functions, to deliver high quality images.

Wide variety in resolution, size and speed.

Application premises for sports and entertainment imaging systems can be very diverse. Offering a wide variety of camera components with a large selection of resolutions, speeds and sizes down to very compact models, JAI covers all requirements.

Sports and entertainment are fascinating. JAI cameras capture the moments that count.

Better, bigger, faster. The presentation of top sporting events has seen massive changes during recent years. The cameras used in this market also need to be better, faster – and smaller, while at the same time raising the resolution to avoid missing a single detail.

High contrast light conditions are common in outdoor stadiums, golf courses and other sports venues. Selected JAI cameras offer built-in high dynamic range modes to efficiently handle the high contrast sun and shade conditions.

“The Matrix” has been a pioneer for special effects in movies. JAI cameras are increasingly being used in imaging systems dedicated to special effects in movie making and green screen productions, giving new and creative possibilities for visual effects.

Typical Sports & Entertainment applications

Sports replays from any angle.

With up to 38 JAI cameras per stadium, Intel’s innovative True View 360-degree replay system is changing how we watch football, basketball, hockey, and other professional sports.

Immersive 3D content.

JAI cameras are used in special imaging systems that place goggle-wearing viewers in the middle of sporting events, concerts, and other live or recorded action.

Finish-line vision and “referee assist systems”.

JAI´s line scan cameras are the perfect eye in finish-line vision systems and “referee assist systems” to check player behavior and “in/out” decisions.

JAI cameras help forming winners.

Vision systems with JAI cameras supports athletes during training, coaches during matches and tracks player movements for statistical purposes.

Cameras used in movies and the entertainment industry.

JAI cameras are increasingly being used in imaging systems dedicated to special effects in movie making and green screen productions.

Cameras for Sports & Entertainment systems

Below are listed a few of the most popular JAI camera choices for Sports & Entertainment systems. Contact JAI for more options.

Spark Series SP-20000

20 MP, 30 fps CMOS area scan

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Go Series GO-5000

5 MP 1" CMOS area scan

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Sweep Series SW-4000M-PMCL

4K, 200 kHz CMOS monochrome line scan

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