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Using vision to ensure the quality of modern electronics

High performance JAI cameras provide the speed and precision to catch small defects so they don’t become big problems.

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Honey, I shrunk the electronics. But how do I make sure they still work?

High resolution isn’t a wish, it’s a mandate.

The foundation of modern life takes place at a nano scale. JAI’s high speed, high resolution cameras are trusted by makers of wafer and die inspection systems to capture the smallest details with the utmost precision and accuracy.

Production lines move fast. JAI cameras keep up the pace.

Whether it’s circuit boards, flat panel displays, or individual components, the key to success is throughput. JAI offers some of the fastest machine vision cameras in the industry to support vision systems requiring both quality and quantity.

Spectral options to support a range of varied requirements.

From UV cameras to examine the smallest features of a semiconductor wafer, to RGB prism cameras to detect subtle color variances, to high resolution monochrome cameras to inspect large circuit boards in a single pass, JAI provides a solutions for every facet of modern electronics.

JAI cameras support higher quality and greater innovation in electronic systems

Computers, mobile devices, cars and many other products in our modern lives wouldn´t exist on today´s levels without electronics. But the innovations that we take for granted mean steadily increasing requirements for the vision systems used to ensure their successful operation.

Cameras must capture images of silicon transistors so small that millions can fit in a square millimeter. PCB assembly systems can place 100,000 components per hour, but that speed is wasted if inspection systems can’t keep up. Small surface defects on wafers can only be detected by the slightest change in color from a reflected light source.

JAI understands these challenges. Our cameras are used by makers of electronics and semiconductor inspection systems to ensure maximum quality in high speed production lines and advanced wafer production facilities.

Typical applications in the electronics industry

Printed circuit board inspection

Printed circuit boards are the increasingly complex foundation of many electronic devices. Vision systems need to make sure they meet all specifications.

Wire bond connections

One single broken wire bond leads to malfunction and deficient products. JAI cameras help to make sure this doesn´t happen.

Component placement verification

When positioning electronic units, there is no room for inaccuracy to make sure systems work as designed. Misplacements are identified by JAI cameras.

Semiconductor quality inspection

JAI cameras are perfect for inspection in semiconductor manufacturing including wafer probing, wafer dicing, lead frame inspection, die/wire bonding.

Final inspection of LCD displays and components

An accurate final quality inspection of components and LCD displays is a precondition to successful business. JAI cameras help to discover the errors.

Cameras for electronics inspection (PCB, LCD, Wafer etc).

Below are listed a few of the most popular JAI camera choices for electronics.

Fusion Series AD-131GE

1.3 MP HDR prism camera

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Apex Series - AP-3200T

3.2 MP 3-CMOS RGB prism camera

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Apex Series AP-1600T

1.6 MP 3-CMOS RGB prism camera

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Go Series GO-5000

5 MP 1" CMOS area scan

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Spark Series SP-20000

20 MP, 30 fps CMOS area scan

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Spark Series SP-12000M-CXP4

12 MP, 189 fps CMOS area scan

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Spark Series SP-5000

5 MP 1" CMOS area scan

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