The whole package: JAI cameras in the printing and packaging industry

JAI cameras deliver the advanced color imaging functions, high resolution, and excellent reliability needed for modern print inspection systems.

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Making sure the perfect color is always in the mix

Precise color checking on initial print samples is critical to getting a package done right. JAI’s prism cameras and color conversion algorithms help to accurately analyze color variations so the proper adjustments can be made to the ink recipe.

Staying focused on the smallest details

With 3.2-megapixel prism area scan cameras and 4K prism line scan cameras, JAI helps avoid the soft edges caused by Bayer interpolation, enabling inspection systems to check critical color values, find ink spots and streaks, all while maintaining sharpness on fine print, bar codes, registration marks, and more.

Running 24/7 without getting tired

Packaging and print inspection systems must support round-the-clock printing schedules. JAI cameras feature high shock and vibration certifications plus excellent MTBF ratings to ensure high reliability under demanding operating conditions.

A better print inspection system is all about the details

Modern printing and packaging systems convert raw web material into flyers, brochures, bags, and boxes that connect product manufacturers to their customers. For makers of print inspection systems, success or failure rests in the ability to maintain critical colors, logos, watermarks, and other branding elements without hampering production efficiency.

That’s where JAI cameras come in. Inspection systems built with JAI prism cameras provide the most precise color discrimination possible, with no loss of spatial detail due to Bayer interpolation. Built-in color conversion and enhancement routines give system builders the exact data they need to match colors, define ink formulas, and ensure the smallest details are correct.

With JAI cameras, vision system builders and integrators, can build systems that make a difference for their packaging and printing customers.

Typical applications in the packaging and print industry

Print quality inspection

JAI cameras are used in automated systems to look for ink spots, streaks, print dropouts, color mismatches, and more.

Reliable code identification

Using JAI’s visible and UV cameras, bar codes and lot numbers can be validated, even if they’re invisible to the human eye.

Inspection of secure print items

Bank notes, passports, lottery tickets and similar items have hidden security features that can be easily inspected using JAI’s multispectral cameras.

Ink recipe adjustment

With JAI’s prism cameras and built-in color space conversion, inspection systems can quickly determine the degree and the direction of color mismatches, so ink formulas can be precisely calculated.

Cameras for packaging and print systems

Below are listed a few of the most popular JAI camera choices for packaging and print inspection systems. Contact JAI for more options.

Apex Series AP-3200T

3.2 MP 3-CMOS RGB prism camera

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Apex Series AP-1600T

1.6 MP 3-CMOS RGB prism camera

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Sweep+ Series SW-4000T-MCL

4K, 66 kHz 3-CMOS prism color line scan

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Sweep Series SW-4000TL-PMCL

4K, 66 kHz trilinear color line scan

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Sweep Series SW-8000M-PMCL

8K, 100 kHz monochrome line scan

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Sweep+ Series LQ-401CL

4K, 18 kHz RGB+NIR prism line scan

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Sweep+ Series LT-200CL

2K, 30 kHz 3-CMOS prism color line scan

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