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Webinar icon Go X Series

How next generation vision​ systems can benefit from JAI’s Go-X Series​

If you are a vision system designer and need small, attractively-priced industrial cameras for your next vision system, this free webinar can help you decide if Go-X is the right solution for you.

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Webinar icon TL vs prism

Deliver outstanding performance for high speed web applications using line scan technology

Are you interested in employing line scan technology for your high speed applications? Learn more in this webinar on line scan technology, what you should consider when choosing a line scan camera and also compare the differences between trilinear and prism cameras to determine which camera best suits your needs.

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Webinar icon multispectral

Using prism-based cameras for multispectral applications

If you are a vision system designer with a project that needs multispectral imaging capability, this free webinar can help you decide whether a prism-based multispectral camera is the right approach. There are several different types of multispectral cameras currently available and the one you select can have a major impact on your project’s success.

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Webinar icon 45 MP

More than megapixels... A look at the key imaging features of the new Spark Series 45-megapixel camera

Are you a vision system designer thinking about using a high resolution camera (>40 megapixels) in your next project? This free webcast will reveal 6 key features found in the new Spark SP-45000-CXP4 45-megapixel camera that can help you to create a better high resolution machine vision system.

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Webinar icon color linescan

The advantages of prism cameras for color line scan applications

Prism line scan cameras remain the top choice for demanding color and multispectral line scan vision systems in food sorting, recycling, textiles, and many other web-based applications. This 30-minute webinar will examine the key advantages of prism-based cameras for certain types of line scan applications.

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Webinar icon line scan part 2

3 Key camera tools you can use to address common challenges for high-speed line scan applications.

In this webinar we demonstrate 3 camera tools you should use to enhance the performance of your high speed machine vision application.

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