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Case Studies

Flex Eye overview image

Spectral imaging enables fruit yield estimation

Accurate fruit yield estimation early in the growing cycle allows fruit growers to plan and optimize many aspects of their businesses, from growing through picking and packing to marketing. Early yield estimation requires green fruits to be counted within the green canopy by using unique wavelengths to distinguish between the fruits and the canopy.

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Aristurtle overview card Th

Artificial eyes on the race track

Autonomous racing is an evolving and popular sport among engineering students worldwide who compete against each other to develop the best self-driving race car. The most important technology that determines success in that field is machine vision.

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Panovotec overview card

High-precision color measurement in automotive, medical, and other industries

With the MSC 8X8 multispectral camera, PANOVOTEC has developed a new type of system for photometric analyses with high resolution and short measurement times. A high-resolution camera from JAI with a 45-megapixel sensor ensures optimal image capture.

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Leader Vision overview card

JAI Go-X cameras in wafer inspection

In electronics manufacturing, accurate processes are a prerequisite for flawless products. Leader Vision, a machine vision distributor and system designer for customized projects based in Taiwan, has developed a wafer OCR reading system using JAI cameras to ensure the smooth production of wafers.

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Rimburgs overview card

Perfectly placed thermal pads

In an inspection facility for the electronics industry, a JAI Go-X Series CMOS camera ensures that thermal pads bonded to an aluminum heat sink are present and have been perfectly positioned at the intended location.

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