JAI | JAI Go-X camera guarantees perfectly placed thermal pads

Perfectly placed thermal pads

In an inspection facility for the electronics industry, a JAI Go-X Series CMOS camera ensures that thermal pads bonded to an aluminum heat sink are present and have been perfectly positioned at the intended location.

The Application

Malaysia-based company Rimburgs is a specialist in automation customization for machineries and equipment and has gained great experience over many years in the optimal design of inspection systems for the electronics industry. In a recent project, the company implemented an inspection system for a customer to verify that a thermal pad previously placed on an aluminum heat sink and attached with adhesive was present and applied at the intended position.

The Challenge

Quality control of electronic components can be tricky: The features to be inspected are often very small, the components are produced in high volumes, and they usually have to be inspected at high speeds for reasons of productivity. In addition, electronic components often include metallic components which, due to light reflections, can only be reliably inspected for defects by using optimally designed illumination and image processing systems. For this application, the customer wanted to check and accurately measure the position of a thermal pad on an aluminum plate with a placement tolerance of 0.5 mm and an angular deviation of less than 5 degrees.

The thermal pads had to be positioned with a maximum tolerance of 0.5 mm and an angular deviation of less than 5 degrees.

The Solution

To check the position of the heat-conducting pads in this application, Rimburgs opted for a GOX-5103C-PGE CMOS color camera from JAI, which, with a resolution of 5 megapixels and a global shutter, was able to deliver the required image quality. The camera is installed at a working distance of 140 mm above the test object, and a diffuse ring light with a diameter of 130 mm as well as a C-mount lens suitable for megapixel cameras were used to ensure optimum image quality during image acquisition. Due to the mechanical structure, the captured images had to be inverted in the top view to be correctly displayed. In addition, shading and color correction tools had to be used for perfect results. The tools needed to fulfill these requirements are all integrated in the GOX-5103C-PGE CMOS camera.

A fully automated system designed by Rimburgs ensures that thermal pads bonded to an aluminum heat sink are present and have been perfectly positioned at the intended location.

The Benefits

The technical features of the JAI GOX-5103C-PGE camera like its high resolution and global shutter guarantee reliable image acquisition with high image quality. The integrated standard Bayer RGB filter pattern used in the camera’s image sensor and its shading and color correction tools ensure that the subsequent image processing is of sufficient quality. A user-friendly display of the captured images is ensured by the camera's image inversion algorithm. The fact that JAI cameras are manufactured in Japan and come with a six-year warranty gave Rimburgs additional confidence to choose a JAI product for this application.

The Camera

The JAI GOX-5103C-PGE is a small, attractively-priced industrial area scan camera with a global shutter CMOS image sensor offering a blend of features with high image quality and industrial grade reliability, perfect for the next generation of machine vision systems. It weighs only 65 grams and delivers 5.01-megapixel Bayer color output at up to 35 fps over a GigE Vision interface. All Go-X Series cameras are equipped with various functions required for machine vision including external trigger, exposure setting, image level control, look-up table, shading correction, blemish compensation, ROI, binning and many other useful features.

JAI GOX-5103C-PGE model

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