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JAI cameras for challenging outdoor imaging systems

Outdoor imaging systems in traffic, sports, aerial, surveilance and other areas have to meet special challenges. JAI cameras cope with them.

The world outdoors is different than industrial environments. JAI cameras manage both fields.

Automatic adaption to changing light conditions.

In contrast to industrial use, outdoor cameras have to deal with rapidly changing light levels and large differences in contrast. Thanks to automatic level control, JAI cameras deliver excellent images even under dynamic light conditions.

When small image details are crucial, JAI cameras are first choice.

State-of-the-art CMOS sensors with high sensitivity pixels, high signal-to-noise ratios and high pixel resolution make JAI cameras an excellent choice for low light, aerial imaging and high-end security applications where small image details matter.

JAI cameras supply the required robustness for outdoor applications.

Outdoor cameras have to withstand extreme temperature variations and can be exposed to high shock and vibration. With their extended operating temperature ranges and robust designs, JAI cameras provide reliable, trouble-free operation for many years ahead.

Designed for highest demands – indoors and outdoors

Rapidly changing light levels, large differences in contrast, extreme temperature variations, and surroundings where cameras can be exposed to high shock and vibration – these scenarios need to be considered when choosing a camera for outdoor imaging applications.

JAI’s cameras are designed to cope with harsh industrial requirements, but they also meet more specialized outdoor challenges.

Thanks to automatic level control, which links together auto shutter, auto gain, and in some cases, auto iris functions, JAI cameras deliver excellent images under constantly changing light conditions. State-of-the-art CMOS sensor technology featuring high sensitivity pixels, high signal-to-noise ratios, and high resolution, makes them ideal in low light, aerial and high-end security applications.

Typical outdoor imaging applications

Imaging in traffic, railways and road applications

JAI cameras have a successful history in applications like number plate reading, tolling, enforcement, inspection of rails, wheels, roads, pantographs etc.

High-end surveillance requires sharp eyes

Surveillance at airports, train stations, public places and borders is an increasing necessity. JAI cameras provide the needed high-resolution images.

Imaging in transport logistics

State-of-the-art logistics use imaging systems for tasks such as scanning containers and inspecting transports with hazardous freight. JAI cameras don´t miss a detail.

Aerial Imaging

Camera equipped drones are increasingly used for city and landscape development, in agriculture, and in many more cases. JAI cameras are ready to go airborne.

Sports and entertainment

JAI cameras are in high demand for imaging systems at sports venues for 360 degree replays, 3D content, motion analysis, finish line applications, and many more.

Cameras for outdoor systems

Below are listed a few of the most popular JAI camera choices for traffic and outdoor imaging systems. Contact JAI for more options.

Spark Series SP-20000

20 MP, 30 fps CMOS area scan

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Go Series GO-5000

5 MP 1" CMOS area scan

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Apex Series AT-200

2 MP 3-CCD RGB prism area scan

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Apex Series AP-3200T

3.2 MP 3-CMOS RGB prism area scan

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Sweep Series SW-8000M-PMCL

8K, 100 kHz monochrome line scan

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Sweep Series SW-4000TL-PMCL

4K, 66 kHz CMOS trilinear color line scan

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