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Lenses for JAI cameras

JAI lenses

View and/or download the JAI Lens Selection Brochure.
For help selecting the right focal length, download the JAI Lens Calculator.

Take full advantage of the high image quality of your JAI camera by pairing it with the right lens. JAI has partnered with leading optics suppliers to assemble a collection of lenses that are tailored to the sensor formats, pixel sizes, and other camera specifications critical to maximizing optical performance. Three series of lenses are available to match your JAI camera and application:

Compact C-mount lenses

Compact C-mount lenses
These lenses are designed to deliver an exceptional combination of performance and price when combined with the state-of-the art sensors found in JAI's Go-X Series of compact machine vision cameras. The selection includes fixed-focal lengths from 4 mm to 75 mm depending on the sensor format. With C-mounts and locking screws on focus and iris settings to ensure reliable operation in typical factory environments. Also suitable for Go Series and Spark Series cameras with up to 12-megapixel resolutions.

High performance lenses

High performance, high resolution lenses
High resolution cameras require high performance lenses capable of delivering sharp contrast even in applications requiring resolving power of 200 lp/mm and above. This selection of high performance, high resolution lenses ensures that you can leverage the small pixel sizes and high level of detail afforded by JAI's Spark Series 26-megapixel and 45-megapixel high resolution cameras while maintaining maximum image quality. Includes both C-mount and F-mount options. Can also be used with the Spark Series 20-megapixel camera models and with Go-X Series models equipped with Pregius S sensors.

Prism optimized lenses

Prism-optimized lenses
JAI's prism-optimized lenses feature special designs to compensate for the different optical paths and focusing characteristics of a multi-waveband camera so that you can reap the full benefits of the prism technology. Whether you need the precise color differentiation of JAI's Apex and Apex Medical and Life Sciences Series, or the multispectral capabilities of JAI's Fusion Series and Flex-Eye cameras, JAI's line of prism-optimized lenses deliver the sharp, high quality images you rely on from your prism-based camera.

For detailed specifications on all JAI lenses, view and/or download the JAI Lens Selection Brochure.
For help selecting the right focal length, download the JAI Lens Calculator.

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