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JAI provides a broad range of industrial cameras – both area scan and line scan – organized into 10 different camera series. If you aren’t yet familiar with these, then a good place to start is to glance through the overview below.

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JAI Go X Series Compact Area Scan Cameras

Go-X Series:
Compact area scan cameras (single sensor).

If you need a small but highly functional area scan camera to fit into your next vision system, JAI´s Go-X Series offers a blend of advanced features, excellent image quality, industrial grade reliability, and 6-year warranty. The Go-X series is based on the most popular Pregius and Pregius S CMOS sensors and is available at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Need more information about the Go-X Series? Check out the main specifications of all 60 models here.

You can also get a good overview in our Go-X series brochure. Download it here.

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JAI Go Series Compact Area Scan Cameras

Go Series:
Compact area scan cameras (single sensor).

The Go Series is JAI´s original offering of small area scan cameras based on popular Sony CMOS sensors with large sensitive pixels. Like the Go-X Series, these cameras offer powerful features at entry-level prices. In addition to monochrome and color models, the Go Series includes two polarization cameras, plus five UV cameras for applications involving special coatings, microscopic defects, or submicron alignment issues, especially in wafer inspection or semiconductor manufacturing.

More information about the Go Series? Check out the main specifications of all 22 models here.
More information about Go Series UV cameras? Learn more here.

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JAI Spark Series Megapixel Area Scan Cameras

Spark Series:
High resolution area scan cameras (single sensor).

If your machine vision application requires cameras with high pixel resolution combined with excellent image quality, a high frame rate, plus the ability to handle high data throughput, then you should consider JAI´s Spark Series. These high-performance area scan cameras are ideal for demanding machine vision systems, as well as outdoor applications in sports, traffic, and high-end surveillance.

Check out the main specifications for all 32 Spark Series models in our camera selector.

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JAI Apex Series Color Area Scan Cameras

Apex Series:
Color area scan cameras (prism-based, multi-sensor).

The Apex Series is designed for color machine vision applications that require a degree of color differentiation and spatial precision surpassing that of traditional Bayer color cameras. With advanced in-camera prism technology, Apex Series cameras improve color imaging performance by capturing red, green, and blue wavelengths on three separate and precisely-aligned CMOS sensors.

Read more about all 10 Apex Series models and compare product specifications.

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JAI Apex Medical Life Sciences Color Area Scan Cameras

Apex Medical & Life Sciences solutions:
Color area scan cameras (prism-based, multi-sensor).

Trying to find a camera for your next medical system or life sciences application?
You should get acquainted with JAI’s Apex Medical Series. These prism-based, 3-CMOS cameras provide the same exceptional color quality and spatial precision as the main Apex Series, while also including models specifically designed for microscopy applications – featuring maximum dust suppression and built-in integration with leading microscopy software. They’re ideal for everything from digital pathology, ophthalmology, and fluorescence microscopy to endoscopy, surgical viewing, and more.

Want to know more about the Apex Medical cameras? Check out the available models here.

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JAI Fusion Series Multispectral Area Scan Cameras

Fusion Series:
Area Scan, multispectral cameras (prism-based, multi-sensor).

If you need to inspect your objects under both visible and near-infrared (NIR) light, JAI´s Fusion Series lets you capture both wavebands simultaneously and separately with just a single camera! With a Fusion Series multispectral camera, you can inspect surface properties in visible wavebands (color or monochrome), while capturing subsurface, fluorescence, or other non-visible characteristics in one or two NIR wavebands.

Want to know more about the Fusion Series? Check out the main specifications for all four Fusion Series models.

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JAI Fusion Flex Eyes Multispectral Area Scan Cameras

Fusion Flex-Eye:
Area Scan cameras. Customized multispectral cameras (prism-based – multi-sensor).

Like JAI´s Fusion Series, Fusion Flex-Eye offers multispectral prism-based CMOS cameras. However, Flex-Eye lets you define a factory-customized camera configured for a specific set of visible and near-infrared wavebands to match your exact inspection requirements. With Flex-Eye you can fine-tune your multispectral capabilities to reveal information that is harder to isolate in wider wavebands.

Learn more about the Fusion Flex-Eye Series
and try the online step-by-step camera configurator.

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JAI Sweep Plus Multispectral Line Scan Cameras

Sweep+ Series:
Color and multispectral (VIS/NIR/SWIR) line scan cameras. (Prism-based, multi-sensor).

The prism-based line scan cameras in the Sweep+ Series are ideal for color line scan applications where trilinear cameras fail to meet expectations due to viewing angles, vibrations, or other motion artifacts. They are also the perfect choice for multispectral line scan applications needing to simultaneously capture both precise color image data and data from the near-infrared (NIR) or short-wave infrared (SWIR) light bands.

Learn more about the Sweep+ Series models here.

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JAI Sweep Series Colo and Monochrome Line Scan Cameras

Sweep Series:
Color and monochrome line scan cameras (single sensor)

If your next vision system needs a high-speed monochrome line scan camera or is for a color application that doesn’t require the ultimate image precision provided by the Sweep+ Series prism line scan cameras, then a camera in JAI’s Sweep Series might be just what you need. Includes 4K trilinear models with a choice of three interfaces and 4K or 8K monochrome models.

Learn more about the Sweep Series here.

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JAI Wave Series SWIR Line Scan Cameras

Wave Series:
Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Line Scan Camera. (Prism based, multi-sensor).

JAI´s Wave Series offers unique line scan camera technology with two image sensors capturing two separate Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) wavebands simultaneously. The Wave series camera can deliver extra “hidden” imaging data and enhances current machine vision systems with imaging beyond what is possible when imaging the visible and/or the near infrared light spectrum.

Learn more about the Wave Series here.

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