JAI A/S provides innovative digital CMOS area scan and line scan camera technology for applications in industrial machine vision, medical imaging and outdoor imaging applications, as well as complete camera solutions for traffic imaging/vehicle recognition in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

Founded in Denmark in 1963, JAI has today a global presence through companies in Denmark (headquarters), Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, China, and USA, and via distribution partners in more than 35 countries. JAI's vision systems help improve customer businesses in numerous ways, whether by improving quality and accuracy of products, lowering production line inspection costs, increasing production yields or creating higher efficiency in road traffic.

With more than 55 years in business, JAI has sold more than 1 million cameras worldwide in multiple applications and industries where camera vision technology is used as an integrated part of a process, product or service. Installations of JAI’s quality Traffic Imaging systems span cities across the world.



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