JAI | JAI prism-based industrial RGB/NIR color line scan camera

Sweep+ Series

The LQ-201CL is a prism-based industrial RGB/NIR color line scan camera with four separate imagers for simultaneously capturing red, green, blue and near infrared light. Besides delivering supreme RGB color data, the NIR image makes it possible to identify an even wider set of defects on inspected objects

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Product Image Lq 201 Cl Front
Product Image Lq 201 Cl Back

High resolution and high speed CMOS sensors

The high performance CMOS camera can output 4 x 2048 pixel resolution at 33,014 lines per second, while maintaining image quality at a signal-to-noise ratio of 55 dB or higher.

Supreme RGB color reproduction

In JAI’s multi-sensor color line scan cameras, the coatings on the prism efficiently filter the RGB light spectrum to each individual sensor, providing steep spectral curves that minimize color “crosstalk” for supreme color precision.

Line scan images free from halo effects

Prism technolgy makes it possible to view the red, green, blue and NIR channels through a single optical plane. This method eliminates off-angle viewing problems, spatial compensation, and other issues that can be associated with tri-linear camera technology.


  • 4-CMOS prism-based camera.

  • Simultaneous imaging of R/G/B/NIR.

  • One optical path.

  • 4 lines x 2048 pixels.

  • 14 μm square pixels.

  • Up to 33,014 lines/s.

  • 4 x 8-bits or 4 x 10-bits output.

  • One-push automatic white balancing.

  • Flat-field correction.

  • Color shading compensation.

  • Pixel binning.

  • Windowing & sub-sampling modes.

  • M52 mount (Standard).

  • Optional Nikon F-mount.


Product Line

Sweep+ Series




Line Scan

Color / Mono


Light Spectrum

4-Bands R-G-B + NIR



Resolution WxH

2048 x 1 px

Frame rate / Line rate

33 kHz




Camera Link



Sensor Name


Optical Format

28.67 mm

Cell Size WxH

14.0 x 14.0 µm

Shutter type

Global shutter

Sensor Diagonal

28.7 mm

Active Sensor Dimensions WxH

28.7 mm

Camera Dimensions HxWxL

90 x 90 x 120 mm


1050 g

Video Output


Lens Mount

F-mount or M52-mount

Power Consumption

9 Watt

Operating Temperature (ambient)

-5°C to +45°C

Demension Image Lq 201 Cl F Side

Typical applications where Sweep+ Series industrial cameras are suitable

The Sweep+ Series line scan cameras are the ideal choice if you have imaging applications where you need very accurate RGB colors combined with simultaneous NIR imaging.

Fruit and vegetable inspection

Bulk inspection of fruit and vegetables looking at colors, ripeness, bruises, signs of rot under skin, as well as identifying foreign objects (e.g., stones, leaves, etc).

Food inspection

Color and quality inspection of frozen food, rice grains, coffee beans, peas, cereals, tea and tobacco.

Semiconductors and LCD displays

Wafer geometry and surface inspection for early defect detection. Also surface inspection of flat panels/displays looking for scratches and defective screen pixels.


Inspection of stuffed PCB boards including traces, solder, component placement/alignment, shorting, and other items where color and NIR inspection is important.

2D print inspection

Color inspection of magazines and pharmaceutical packaging as well as currency inspection looking at color correctness, watermarks and security features woven into the bank notes.

3D print inspection

“Unwrapping” of cylindrical items such as cans, bottles, pens, etc. for 360-degree label inspection.

Web applications

Web inspection of roll-based products including paper, plastic, textiles. Also inspection of wood, tile glaze and glass sheets

Sports imaging

Finish line cameras used in horse racing, speed boats, track events, and other high precision photo-finish applications.

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