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This page provides access to previous versions of the eBUS SDK for JAI. For the most current version, please return to the main JAI Software page.

The eBUS SDK for JAI is a powerful new SDK for building vision systems that utilize JAI cameras. It is based on the eBUS SDK by Pleora and is specifically designed for use only with JAI cameras. The eBUS SDK for JAI consists of an SDK (Software Development Kit) and a Player.

The eBUS Player is application software for directly accessing and controlling JAI cameras in a non-programmatic way. It can be used for testing and evaluation of JAI cameras with GigE Vision or USB3 Vision interfaces. The SDK is packaged software that enables system developers to easily build programs for integrating JAI cameras into vision systems.

About this software "eBUS SDK for JAI"
All intellectual property rights and ownership, including copyrights of this software product, are retained by Pleora. Be sure to check the software license agreement included in the software package and you can use this software only if you can agree.

About cameras that can use this software
For a JAI camera to use this software, it must satisfy the following two conditions.

  1. It must have an interface of either GigE Vision, or USB3 Vision
  2. It must have a CMOS image sensor

Specifically, the list of supported cameras is as described below. (As of December 2021)

Go-X Series: All GigE and USB models

Go Series: GO-2400M/C-USB, GO-2400M/C-PGE, GO-2401M/C-PGE, GO-5000M/C-USB, GO-5000M/C-PGE, GO-5100M/C-USB, GO-5100M/C-PGE, GO-5101M/C-PGE, GO-5100MP-PGE, GO-5100MP-USB

Spark Series: SP-5000M/C-USB, SP-12401M/C-PGE, SP-12401M/C-USB, SP-20000M/C-USB

Apex Series: AP-3200T-10GE, AP-3200T-USB, AP-3200T-USP-LS, AP-3200T-USB-LSX, AP-3200T-PGE, AP-1600T-USB, AP-1600T-USB-LS, AP-1600T-USB-LSX, AP-1600T-PGE

Fusion Series: FS-1600D-10GE, FS-1600T-10GE-NNM, FS-3200D-10GE, FS-3200T-10GE-NNC, Fusion Series Flex-Eye custom multispectral cameras

Sweep Series: SW-4000TL-10GE, SW-4000TL-SFP

Sweep+ Series: SW-4000T-10GE, SW-4000T-SFP, SW-4000Q-10GE, SW-4000Q-SFP, SW-8000T-10GE, SW-8000T-SFP, SW-8000Q-10GE, SW-8000Q-SFP

Check our support pages for additional FAQs regarding the eBUS SDK or download from the table below.

Software / DocumentationVersionLink
eBUS SDK for JAI (32-bit)
(Requires Microsoft Visual C++. See instructions)
6.2.4 (Windows) - 70 MBdownload
eBUS SDK for JAI (64-bit)
(Requires Microsoft Visual C++. See instructions.)
6.2.4 (Windows) - 154 MBdownload
Installation Instructions and Release Notes (PDF)22 February 2021download
Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packageLatest Versiondownload
eBUS Optional Companion Package
(for debugging, including PDBs for both SDK functions and the GEV/NDIS & U3V drivers)
6.2.4 (Windows) - 65 MBdownload
eBUS SDK for JAI (32-bit)6.1.4 (Windows) - 30 MBdownload
eBUS SDK for JAI (64-bit)6.1.4 (Windows) - 49 MBdownload
eBUS SDK for JAI (32-bit)5.1.10 (Windows) - 28 MBdownload
eBUS SDK for JAI (64-bit)5.1.10 (Windows) - 45 MBdownload
eBUS Player User Guide (PDF)5.0 - 03 May 2018download
eBUS SDK for JAI (32-bit)5.1.3 (Windows) - 28 MBdownload
eBUS SDK for JAI (64-bit)5.1.3 (Windows) - 44 MBdownload

Note: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (x86 and x86_64) Service Pack 1 or later are supported.

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