eBUS SDK for Jetson Ubuntu

The table below contains links to download the installer files for the version of the eBUS SDK for JAI software which is compatible with NVIDIA Jetson embedded computing boards running Ubuntu Linux. This package works for these specific ARM-based systems:

> nVidia Jetson TX2 /TX2i running Ubuntu 18.04 with Jetpack 4.6
> nVidia Jetson Nano running Ubuntu 18.04 with Jetpack 4.6
> nVidia Jetson AGX Xavier running Ubuntu 18.04 with Jetpack 4.6
> nVidia Jetson Xavier NX running Ubuntu 18.04 with Jetpack 4.6

Only the above-mentioned specific configurations are supported.

Pre-requisite for GUI-bsed sample code
In order to compile GUI-based samples for Ubuntu, Qt is required.

- For Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop: Qt 5.9.5

To install Qt on your system, execute "sudo apt-get install qt-5-default"

If dpkg is blocked, it may be due to Ubuntu's auto update. This can be disabled or stopped, then run the installer again.

Installation Instructions
Make sure you have the correct distribution. No other versions than the ones mentioned above are supported.

To install the eBUS SDK for Jetson on Ubuntu:

1. Copy the eBUS SDK installation package to your computer

2. From the terminal, execute the following command:
sudo dpkg -i eBUS_SDK_JAI_Jetson_linux-aarch64-arm-[version#]-[build#].deb

3. From the terminal, execute the eBUSPlayerJAI script in /opt/jai/ebus_sdk/[platform name]/bin

Download LinkFile Size
eBUS_SDK_JAI_Jetson_linux-aarch64-arm-6.2.8-5877.deb11.4 MB

The following documentation is available. (These are the same documents as found in the Windows downloads table).

eBUS Player User Guide (PDF)6.2 - 4 March 2021download
Installation Instructions and Release Notes (PDF)December 2021download
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