Repair service for JAI cameras

If you wish to return a JAI camera for repair (excluding VISCAM or Drive5 traffic cameras), please follow the guidelines for your region given below:

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Cameras in need of repair should be returned through the point of purchase. For cameras that are part of a system, you should contact the system integrator, who knows how the camera configuration works for that particular system.
It is only possible to return camera products for repair via JAI's network of authorized distributors.
If you are not sure if the camera needs repair or not, you can contact our technical support here:

USA, Canada, Mexico, South America (The Americas)

Product returns (RMAs), please contact:
Mark Giovanetti, Customer Service
6800 Santa Teresa Blvd., Suite 175
San Jose, CA 95119

Phone: 408-383-4342
Toll Free: 800-445-5444
Fax: +1 408 383 0301

Download RMA-form in Word format

Please note: JAI does not accept repair returns without a completed RMA form and a valid RMA number.

Asia and Pacific Rim (APAC)
Product returns (RMAs), please contact:
Repair Service
JAI Manufacturing 
2960-14 Uenojo Nishikata
Kushima City, Miyazaki

Phone +81 987-71-1077
Fax +81 987-71-1139

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