Spark Series
26-megapixel area scan camera

The SP-25000M-CXP4A is a high performance industrial area scan camera providing 26-megapixel monochrome images at up to 150 frames per second over a 4-lane CoaXPress 2.0 interface supporting full CXP-12 data rates. Its high resolution CMOS imager features 2.5-micron pixels for a compact 1.1-inch optical format supporting the use of smaller, lighter C-mount lenses.

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Product Image SP 25000 CXP4 410x370 pixels
Product Image SP 25000 CXP4 front 410x370 pixels
Product Image SP 25000 CXP4 rear 410x370 pixels

Ideal blend of resolution and speed

The SP-25000-CXP4A delivers 5120 x 5120 pixels at 150 fps (8-bit) making it the perfect upgrade for current 16-megapixel applications like flat panel inspection, printed circuit board inspection, medical slide scanning, and many others where detailed, high-speed imaging is required.

Compact size and optical format

2.5-micron square pixels result in a compact 1.1-inch sensor format supporting C-mount lenses and enabling the creation of systems that are smaller, lighter, and less expensive. Built-in functions for HDR imaging.

CoaXPress 2.0 interface with CXP-12 lane speeds

The SP-25000-CXP4A features a 4-lane CoaXPress interface capable of providing data transfer at the fastest rate currently supported by the CoaXPress standard – 12.5 Gbps per lane (50 Gbps total).


  • 26-megapixel monochrome images at 150 fps over 4 CoaXPress lanes.

  • Compact 1/1.1-inch sensor with 2.5-micron square pixels.

  • C-mount lens format for smaller, lighter optics.

  • Global shutter CMOS imager for no motion-related distortion.

  • Single ROI and multi-ROI modes with up to 64 defined regions.

  • Lens control function for utilizing Birger Mount via RS-232C lens control commands.

  • Edge enhancer function, plus vertical and horizontal image flipping.

  • Image Sequencer with 128 user-definable indexes.

  • Automatic Level Control (ALC) for dynamic lighting conditions.

  • Four-channel CoaXPress v2.0 interface supporting up to 12.5 Gbps per lane over micro BNC connectors.

  • Can share processing across multiple PCs via the CoaXPress link sharing function.

  • Industrial grade performance with 80G shock and 10G vibration rating.


Product Line

Spark Series




Area Scan

Color / Mono


Light Spectrum



26.2 MP

Resolution WxH

5120 x 5120 px

Frame rate / Line rate

150 fps




CoaXPress-4-Lanes (PoCXP)



Sensor Name


Optical Format

1.1 inch

Cell Size WxH

2.5 x 2.5 µm

Shutter type

Global shutter

Sensor Diagonal

18.1 mm

Active Sensor Dimensions WxH

12.8 x 12.8 mm

Camera Dimensions HxWxL

62 x 62 x 60.5 mm


305 g

Video Output

8/10/12-bit *

Lens Mount


Power Consumption

16.5 Watt

Operating Temperature (ambient)

-5°C to +45°C

Dimension Image SP 25000 CXP4 A Side

* Some video processing functions not available with 12-bit output

Here are a few applications where Spark Series cameras are especially suitable

Spark Series cameras are the perfect starting point for a wide range of machine vision, entertainment, and mapping applications.

Electronics inspection

Verification of circuit layouts and coatings, ball grid array inspection, component positioning, solder paste quality, dimensional accuracy, pick & place applications, and more.

Sports and Entertainment

Spark Series cameras capture high resolution images to track player movement, create virtual environments, generate broadcast replays, and other tasks.

Mapping and aerial imaging

Cameras mounted on aircraft, satellites, or ground vehicles capture images to help create maps, analyze terrain, or build street views.


Many types of industrial parts must be carefully measured to ensure conformance to system requirements. High resolution images enable higher precision on critical measurements.

Flat panel display inspection

High resolution, high speed, and high image quality enable large display panels to be inspected quickly and thoroughly.

High-end surveillance and facial recognition

High resolution Spark Series cameras support the development of new systems to ensure the safety of public venues, transportation hubs, borders, and elsewhere.

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