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Spark Series
20-megapixel industrial camera

The SP-20000C-CXP2 provides 20-megapixel color resolution at a market-leading 30 frames per second. Built around the CMOSIS CMV20000 CMOS imager, it offers a rare combination of high resolution, high frame rate, and high image quality, well suited to a wide range of high performance applications.

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Product Image Sp 20000 C Cxp2 Front
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Product Image Sp 20000 1500 Pixels

High throughput

Delivering 5120 x 3840 pixels at a remarkable 30 frames per second, the SP-20000-CXP2’s combination of speed and resolution makes it ideal for aerial mapping, printed circuit board inspection, and many other applications where detailed analyses are required across a wide area.

Excellent image quality – monochrome or color

Available in monochrome or color models, the SP-20000-CXP2 features true correlated double sampling (CDS) for outstanding image quality with high pixel uniformity. An industry-leading 1:50000 parasitic light rejection ratio minimizes global shutter leakage for clean images with sharp contrast.

Adapts to changing light conditions

The SP-20000-CXP2 handles difficult lighting situations with ease - indoors or out – thanks to JAI’s Auto Level Control (ALC) function, which links auto shutter and auto gain for smart exposure control under any condition.


  • 20-megapixel resolution at 30 fps.

  • Large 41 mm diagonal CMOS imager with global shutter.

  • Raw Bayer or RGB output via in-camera interpolation.

  • 6.4 µm square pixels provide excellent sensitivity.

  • Imager includes correlated double sampling (CDS) function for improved uniformity.

  • Automatic Level Control (ALC) for dynamic lighting conditions.

  • Industrial grade performance with 80G shock, 10G vibration, and -45°C to +70°C operating range.

  • 8/10/12-bit CoaXpress output supporting power over the interface or via 12-pin connector.


Product Line

Spark Series




Area Scan

Color / Mono


Light Spectrum



20 MP

Resolution WxH

5120 x 3840 px

Frame rate / Line rate

30 fps




CoaXPress-2-Lanes (PoCXP)



Sensor Name


Optical Format

41.0 mm

Cell Size WxH

6.4 x 6.4 µm

Shutter type

Global shutter

Sensor Diagonal

41 mm

Active Sensor Dimensions WxH

32.8 x 24.6 mm

Camera Dimensions HxWxL

62 x 62 x 84.5 mm


350 g

Video Output

8/10/12-bit *

Lens Mount

F-mount or M42 mount

Power Consumption

7.9 Watt

Operating Temperature (ambient)

-45°C to +70°C

Demension Image Sp 20000 C Cxp2 Side

* Some video processing functions not available with 12-bit output

Here are a few applications where Spark Series cameras are especially suitable

The Spark Series 20-megapixel cameras are the perfect starting point for a wide range of machine vision, entertainment, and mapping applications

Electronics inspection

Verification of circuit layouts and coatings, ball grid array inspection, component positioning, solder paste quality, dimensional accuracy, pick & place applications, and more.

Sports and entertainment

Spark Series cameras capture high resolution images to track player movement, create virtual environments, generate broadcast replays, and other tasks.

Mapping and aerial imaging

Cameras mounted on aircraft, satellites, or ground vehicles capture images to help create maps, analyze terrain, or build street views.

Inventory robotics

Large fields-of-view with high levels of detail are needed to scan shelves for products and their associated identification codes.


Many types of industrial parts must be carefully measured to ensure conformance to system requirements. High resolution images enable higher precision on critical measurements.

Automotive spray finish

High speed, high resolution systems identify surface imperfections finer than a grain of salt in final vehicle assembly, to cue operators where to polish and buff out imperfections.

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