Flex-Eye Concept

Application-specific customizable multispectral camera.
JAI's innovative "Flex-Eye" technology enables custom design and production of multispectral cameras that perfectly match the needs of imaging systems. Flex-Eye combines JAI's Fusion series of prismatic spectral cameras with a custom design process that allows the user to specify the number of spectral channels required for the multispectral camera, the resolution of the on-board sensors, and the "position" and "width" of the spectral bands that each channel wants to capture.

Configurator screen

Easy customization
with the configurator To help you set custom conditions for your Flex-Eye camera step by step, we have prepared an "Online Configurator" on our website. With just a few clicks or taps, you can select the number of sensors to be installed, the resolution required, and the type of sensor to be installed (Bayer sensor or monochrome sensor). Using an intuitive GUI that mimics a spectrum chart, the required spectral band settings can be completed by simply dragging and placing the desired spectral band "position" and "width" of each application with the mouse.

The minimum technically feasible spectral band width is up to 25 nm, and in the wavelength band of 405 nm ~ 1000 nm, you can place the desired spectral channel in any position regardless of the visible light region or the NIR region. After setting the customization conditions, just click the send button, the desired specification conditions will be sent and we will contact you. If you have any other special custom requirements, we will confirm the details between JAI and you.

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High-performance solution
The sensor in this customized camera is Sony's Pregius™ CMOS, which provides high image quality and high frame rate. It is the same type of sensor as the sensor installed in the current Fusion series, and is a proven and highly reliable device. You can choose from 1.6 million pixels (IMX273) or 3.2 million pixels (IMX252). You can also choose which spectral channel to use with either a Bayer sensor or a monochrome sensor. (Please note that when using a Bayer sensor in the visible light spectrum, R, G, and B are arranged in a Bayer pattern, so the arrangement pattern cannot be specified like in a multispectral filter array.) )

Prism cutaway

Thanks to JAI's long-established high-precision prism spectroscopy technology, the camera accurately separates a single optical axis or incident light, allowing the sensor to capture the exact same image simultaneously in any wavelength band. Since the image is precisely aligned to the same optical path, each sensor is not captured from a different position, so there is no need to accurately align the image captured by post-processing pixel by pixel, avoiding the performance degradation of the entire system. The high-speed 10GigE Vision interface is used for output, and multi-stream output is possible. JAI combines this interface with an auto-negotiation function, so when transmitting the output image from the camera to a low-speed network environment, it automatically adjusts to the optimal data rate.

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Hundreds of customized combinations of configurations Depending on the selectable component and part combinations and the wide wavelength selection range, Flex-Eye cameras have hundreds of
combination patterns. It also supports a wide range of solutions for a wide variety of multispectral imaging, including applications such as: An unprecedented solution that gives vision systems high functionality and competitiveness.

Surgical guidance
Fruit and vegetables
Currency inspection
Pharma packaging


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