JAI | TNL-25 LED flash unit for ITS applications

LED flash unit for ITS applications

JAI’s compact TNL-25 flash unit offers high-performance LED lighting at a size and price perfectly suited to slow speed or side-fire installations. Its array of 25-LEDs delivers a bright yet diffuse lighting pattern designed for close-in geometries.

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Off-angle illumination for better enforcement

The TNL-25 is designed to complement on-axis ring lighting used to illuminate number plates in dark conditions. Its bright, yet diffuse illumination makes sure that the entire vehicle and surrounding details are also properly exposed for a more complete and indisputable enforcement package.

Small size perfect for side-fire applications

At only 4-1/4 inches wide and less than 6 inches high, this compact unit mounts easily on poles, walls, or other structures to provide side-fire lighting for stationary, slow-speed, or other close-in geometries.

Multiple spectral options

With wavelength options including NIR (850nm), blue (470nm), and white (visible spectrum), the TNL-25 can be configured to support the highest possible automated read rates regardless of time-of-day or number plate color schemes.


  • High powered, compact size, and lightweight LED flash unit.

  • Provides off-angle illumination of vehicles and scene details.

  • Designed for side-fire and slow-speed applications.

  • Up to 75 Hz for traffic bursts & image sequences.

  • Near infrared (invisible), white, or blue spectral combinations.

  • Field proven IP66 and IK07 enclosure for long-life operation.

  • Can be used with JAI or third-party vehicle imaging systems.


Illumination type

High powered LEDs


NIR (850 nm), blue (470 nm), or broadband white

Optical ouptut

2400W lighting drive max (pulsed)
190W total radiant flux (pulsed)
Intensity variation <1%


Bright yet diffuse lighting pattern designed for close-in geometries

Trigger frequency

Up to 75 Hz for traffic bursts and image sequences

Pulse width control

Programmable or controlled by input pulse width

Communication control

Control via USB, RS485, or via VISCAM system


IP66 and IK07 protection. Corrosion resistant.


24V DC +/- 10%. Up to 5.5A with heaters on and high frequency strobing.

Operating temperature

-30°C to +55°C


2.5 kg maximum

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Here are a few applications where TNL-25 systems are especially suitable

TNL-25 LED flash systems can be configured for a variety of ITS applications.

Toll collection and violation enforcement

At traditional toll booths, TNL-25 complements LED ring lighting to provide the off-axis illumination needed to ensure proper exposure of vehicles in all lighting conditions.

Border and access control

TNL-25 provides reliable 24/7 operation for monitoring border crossings or for vehicle identification prior to granting access to restricted facilities.

Weigh-in-motion systems

For integrators implementing weigh-in-motion systems, TNL-25 ensures that reliable plate and vehicle images of large vehicles can be captured day or night at normal traffic speeds to maximize the efficiency of transport.

Congestion charging

TNL-25 can help capture plate and vehicle images of road users who congest specific areas and/or times to support initiatives that encourage smarter driving habits and the use of public transportation.

Parking Lots

Low power, lower cost configuration makes the TNL-25 well-suited to parking lot scenarios or other applications involving stopped vehicles and/or shorter lighting distances.

Jai Its Flash Illumination White Paper Download 770X470Px 2

Download White Paper: Guidelines for night time flash illumination in ITS applications

Useful guidelines on how to capture clear images of license plates and vehicles at night time.

Download the Flash Illumination Whitepaper

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