High performance lenses for high resolution JAI cameras


Use the tables below to find a pre-qualified high performance lens matched to the specifications of your high resolution JAI camera. Each table shows a set of recommended lenses for one or more JAI high resolution camera models. Click on the lens model number to review more detailed specifications and dimensions for a particular lens.

If you need help determining the correct focal length for your application, use the button below to download our lens calculator spreadsheet, or click on the "Contact JAI" button at the bottom of the page to consult with a JAI product specialist.

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Recommended for: SP-25000-CXP4A

Also supports: SP-12400, SP-12401, SP-5000

Lens ModelLens MountFocal LengthImage FormatAperture
JCH-C43-1228A C-mount 12 mm 4/3” (⌀ 22 mm) F2.8 ~ F22
JCH-C43-1628A C-mount 16 mm 4/3” (⌀ 22 mm) F2.8 ~ F22
JMO-C11-2518XR C-mount 25 mm 1.2” (⌀ 19.3 mm) F1.8 ~ F16
JCH-C43-2528A C-mount 25 mm 4/3” (⌀ 22 mm) F2.8 ~ F22
JMO-C11-3518XR C-mount 35 mm 1.2” (⌀ 19.3 mm) F1.8 ~ F16
JCH-C43-3528A C-mount 35 mm 4/3” (⌀ 22 mm) F2.8 ~ F22
JMO-C11-5020XR C-mount 50 mm 1.2” (⌀ 19.3 mm) F2 ~ F16
JCH-C43-5028A C-mount 50 mm 4/3” (⌀ 22 mm) F2.8 ~ F22
JMO-C11-9028XR C-mount 90 mm 1.2” (⌀ 19.3 mm) F2.8 ~ F16

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