2-sensor prism-based HDR area scan cameras

JAI's HDR area scan cameras feature a unique 2-CCD design with two standard monochrome or color progressive scan sensors mounted to a custom-designed beam-splitter prism. The two CCDs are precisely aligned to the same optical axis, enabling them to simultaneously capture two real-time images or image streams of the same scene.

The shutter speed and/or gain for each channel can be calibrated independently, such that one CCD captures details in the brighter areas and the second captures the identical images, but with an emphasis on the details in the darker areas.

The two image channels can then be analyzed separately or processed with image fusion algorithms to produce a dynamic range nearly double the normal CCD response - up to 118 dB for 8-bit channel depth.

The 2-CCD design enables the capture of full linear high dynamic range data without the image compression and noise found in typical single sensor HDR cameras.

Area Scan 2 Sensor Hdr Multi Spectral Fusion 600X360Px
  • The Fusion HDR series comprises four different camera models with resolutions from 0.8 to 1.3 megapixels.
  • Available with GigE interface and Camera Link interface.
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* Note: Models with 'YES' in the ROI column can be adjusted to lower resolutions at higher frame rates. For more information, please download the frame rate calculator available on the specific product page or consult JAI for assistance.

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Tick to compareProduct LineModelTypeColor / MonoLight SpectrumResolution (MP)Resolution (WxH)Frame rate / Line rateROIInterfaceSensorsSensor NameCell Size (WxH)
Product Image Ad 131 Ge Front
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Fusion Series AD-131-GEArea ScanMonoVisible (HDR)1.31296 x 966 px31 fpsNoGigE Vision2XCCD HDRICX4473.75 x 3.75 µm
Product Image Ad 132 Ge Front
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Fusion Series AD-132-GEArea ScanColorVisible (HDR)1.31296 x 966 px31 fpsNoGigE Vision2XCCD HDRICX4473.75 x 3.75 µm

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