GenICam Update Files for JAI Cameras

The table below shows the camera models and device versions supported by the JAI GenICam Firmware Update Tool.

Cameras with device versions equal to the "First Supported Version" number or later can be updated to the version shown in the "Latest Update Version" column. To do so, click on the Model Name to download the latest update file and follow the instructions in the JAI GenICam Firmware Update Tool Guide. Note: if the latest version is the same as the first supported version, no upgrading is currently possible so a download link is not provided.

If you need to update a model that is not shown in this list, or update from a version older than the first supported version, or if you need to downgrade a new camera to an older firmware version, please click the following link to submit a support request.

Revision Notes for a specific camera model may be obtained by submitting a support request.

SeriesModel Name
(click to download latest update file)
GoGO-8105M-5GE-UV / GO-8105M-5GE-UV-GLDV0101DV0102
Go-XGOX-2402C-PGE / GOX-2402M-PGEDV0110DV0110
Go-XGOX-3201C-PGE / GOX-3201M-PGEDV0110DV0110
Go-XGOX-5103C-PGE / GOX-5103M-PGEDV0110DV0110
Go-XGOX-5105C-CXP / GOX-5105M-CXPDV0102DV0103
Go-XGOX-5105C-PGE / GOX-5105M-PGEDV0101DV0103
Go-XGOX-5105C-5GE / GOX-5101M-5GEDV0101DV0102
Go-XGOX-6409C-PGE / GOX-6409M-PGEDV0100DV0100
Go-XGOX-8105C-CXP / GOX-8105M-CXPDV0102DV0103
Go-XGOX-8105C-PGE / GOX-8105M-PGEDV0101DV0103
Go-XGOX-8105C-5GE / GOX-8105M-5GEDV0101DV0102
Go-XGOX-8901C-PGE / GOX-8901M-PGEDV0110DV0110
Go-XGOX-12401C-PGE / GOX-12401M-PGEDV0110DV0110
Go-XGOX-12405C-CXP / GOX-12405M-CXPDV0102DV0103
Go-XGOX-12405C-PGE / GOX-12405M-PGEDV0101DV0103
Go-XGOX-12405C-5GE / GOX-12405M-5GEDV0101DV0102
Go-XGOX-12409C-PGE / GOX-12409M-PGEDV0100DV0100
Go-XGOX-16205C-CXP / GOX-16205M-CXPDV0102DV0103
Go-XGOX-16205C-PGE / GOX-16205M-PGEDV0101DV0103
Go-XGOX-16205C-5GE / GOX-16205M-5GEDV0101DV0102
Go-XGOX-20405C-CXP / GOX-20405M-CXPDV0102DV0103
Go-XGOX-20405C-PGE / GOX-20405M-PGEDV0101DV0103
Go-XGOX-20405C-5GE / GOX-20405M-5GEDV0101DV0102
Go-XGOX-20409C-PGE / GOX-20409M-PGEDV0100DV0100
Go-XGOX-24505C-CXP / GOX-24505M-CXPDV0102DV0103
Go-XGOX-24505C-PGE / GOX-24505M-PGEDV0101DV0101
Go-XGOX-24505C-5GE / GOX-24505M-5GEDV0101DV0102
SparkSP-25000C-CXP4A / SP-25000M-CXP4ADV0110DV0114
SparkSP-45000C-CXP4A / SP-45000M-CXP4ADV0110DV0110
SparkSP-45001C-CXP2A / SP-45001M-CXP2ADV0110DV0110

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