VISCAMシステム & コンポーネント

  • Configurable vehicle imaging subsystems for image capture and vehicle identification
  • All-in-one systems include camera, lens, illumination, self-triggering, and Power PC processing module
  • Also available in multi-component architecture for traditional infrastructures
  • 10/100 Base T Ethernet interface
  • Trigger-based operation with multiple triggering options
  • Easy integration with VRS software tools for plate reading, visual matching, and data processing 

JAI's VISCAM subsystems let users configure various traffic imaging components into a high performance, network-based architecture able to meet the needs of virtually any traffic application. Using a standard Ethernet interface and a rugged weatherproof enclosure, multiple VISCAM subsystems can be combined and configured to fit a wide range of uses from tolling, to congestion charging, to speed enforcement, and more.

The new VISCAM AIO Series combines a complete set of imaging hardware, including camera, lens, light sensor, illumination, image processing, and more inside an all-in-one enclosure that delivers outstanding image quality while supporting quick deployments and reduced infrastructure costs. A patented self-triggering module uses modulated IR light to detect passing vehicles without the need for ground loops, lasers, toll plazas, or other traditional infrastructure.

VISCAM AIO systems can be installed on existing gantries or can be easily pole mounted where gantries are unavailable or too expensive to build. When needed, VISCAM AIO systems can be configured to utilize a variety of external illuminators and/or sensor modules, and can be integrated with standard lane controllers to simplify setup and operation in existing installations.

Images captured by VISCAM systems can be fed to third-party software applications or to JAI's own Vehicle Recognition Suite (VRS) for plate reading, visual matching, and other processing tasks. 

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   - VISCAM-500 AIO
   - VISCAM-350 AIO

VISCAM legacy systems
- VISCAM 350, 400, 500

VISCAM Components
   - Trigger module / light sensor
   - Light sources

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