JAI トラフィックカメラ

  • Standard cameras and specialized traffic models available 
  • Developed in-house for optimal system integration
  • Industry leading image quality, including high dynamic range capability and zero smear technology
  • High-speed triggered operation– captures rapidly moving vehicles (up to 327 km/h)
  • Wide FOV models available for full lane coverage
  • Megapixel color for improved evidence in traffic violations
  • Calibrated zoom lenses for greater setup flexibility

JAI’s in-house developed traffic cameras include high performance progressive scan Ethernet cameras with a built-in Power PC processors, as well as a variety of high resolution GigE Vision cameras with added features for ITS applications.

EN camera series
JAI's EN Series cameras provide top-of-the-line technical integration with JAI's VISCAM system components such as light sensors, flash illumination, and trigger technology. The EN architecture also offers proven integration with leading lane controllers for fast and easy installation in existing infrastructures.

The newest EN cameras - the TS-4032EN and TSC-4032EN - provide over 3 megapixels of resolution, enabling them to cover more than a full traffic lane (15 feet / 4.7m wide) with a vertical field of view of 12 feet (3.7m). They also incorporate an advanced CMOS imager that eliminates smear issues and increases dynamic range. 

GigE Vision cameras
JAI's extensive line of standard cameras includes many models which are ideally suited to traffic applications either within JAI-installed systems or in systems built by others. These cameras feature high resolution sensors ranging from 1.4 megapixels up to 16 megapixels, including both color and monochrome models. Most are equipped with advanced auto-exposure capabilities to handle dynamic lighting conditions, and feature reset continuous triggering (RCT) to enable triggered image capture with continuous adjustment of exposure settings.

GigE Vision interfaces support high-speed data transfer and easy networking for multi-camera installations. All JAI traffic cameras are built and tested to ensure long-term performance under real-world conditions.

Select from the list on the right to learn more about specific JAI traffic cameras.

Note: FOV data is based on a density of 11-12 pixels per inch across the vehicle plate 

EN camera series
TS-4032EN / TSC-4032EN
  2048 x 1628 pixels (3.2 MP)
  Mono / color
  Horizontal FOV = 15' (4.7m)
  Vertical FOV = 12' (3.7m)

TS-1327EN / TSC-1327EN
  1392 x 1040 pixels (1.4 MP)
  Mono / color
  Horizontal FOV = 10' (3.1m)
  Vertical FOV = 7' (2.3m)

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GigE Vision cameras
AM-1600GE / AB-1600GE
  4872 x 3248 pixels (16 MP)
  Mono / color
  Horizontal FOV = 35' (10.8m)
  Vertical FOV = 23' (7.2m)

AM-800GE / AB-800GE
  3296 x 2472 pixels (8 MP)
  Mono / color
  Horizontal FOV = 24' (7.4m)
  Vertical FOV = 18' (5.5m)

BM-500GE / BB-500GE
  2456 x 2058 pixels (5 MP)
  Mono / color
  Horizontal FOV = 18' (5.5m)
  Vertical FOV = 15' (4.7m)

BM-141GE / BB-141GE
  1392 x 1040 pixels (1.4 MP)
  Mono / color
  Horizontal FOV = 10' (3.1m)
  Vertical FOV = 7' (2.3m) 

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