トラフィックカメラ & サブシステム


For over 15 years, governmental agencies, roadway operators, system integrators and others looking for the best possible results from intelligent transportation systems have turned to JAI for their vehicle imaging solutions. That's because JAI's innovative hardware and software technology has been proven to deliver better image quality and more advanced vehicle identification capabilities than any other solutions provider.

Our cameras, subsystems, and advanced software packages serve system integrator partners who use JAI technologies in large-scale ITS projects including electronic toll collection, open road tolling, congestion charging, travel time information and parking enforcement. JAI’s vehicle identification systems are also ideal for supplying evidence of traffic violations in applications such as bus lane enforcement, speed enforcement and red light enforcement. 

JAI's traffic products include:

VISCAM systems and components - The VISCAM family of products offers flexible combinations of vehicle imaging hardware and software in self-triggering all-in-one (AIO) configurations, as well as multi-component configurations for integration with existing infrastructure.

Traffic cameras - a selection of high performance cameras are available for integration into third-party traffic systems. Included are models with resolutions ranging from 1.4 megapixels to 16 megapixels offering advanced triggering and exposure modes and other features designed to support demanding traffic applications.

Software tools - The JAI Vehicle Recognition Suite (VRS) includes capabilities for ALPR/ANPR (plate reading), graphical plate/vehicle matching, and the smooth transfer of image information and results to back office systems.

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