JAI Travel Time Information 

Travel time is the total time for a vehicle's journey over a section of road.

Road travel time is influenced by delays associated with road geometry, traffic control devices (e.g. traffic signals, roundabouts) and increased interactions with other vehicles.

An increased interaction frequency will lead to higher levels of acceleration and deceleration eventually creating a traffic jam.

As road traffic becomes more and more pressurized in larger cities in all parts of the world, traffic authorities have intensified the investment in systems that are able to provide on-line information about vehicle travel time.

Travel time information systems can help to:

• Provide on-site up-to-date travel time information to road users for re-direct decisions

• Prevent traffic congestion

• Identify problem locations on main roads to re-direct rescue vehicles

• Determine the impact of road improvements - before and after measurements

• Provide input for economic feasibility studies, congestion surveys and transportation planning studies

JAI supplies advanced and self-contained camera systems used in travel time information applications. JAI is the only manufacturer with in-house developed digital cameras, electronics and software for license plate reading (LPR)/vehicle fingerprint matching and travel time calculations for unsurpassed accuracy in image recognition.

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