ETC (自動課金システム)/不正通行取り締まり

JAI Electronic Toll Collection and Toll Violation Enforcement 

With JAI’s video imaging and software solutions for vehicle identification, traffic authorities worldwide have access to a system that can collect open road tolls cost-effectively without the need for radio frequency (RF) transponders.

Minimizing traffic congestion and lowering operations costs
Electronic toll collection allows for the manual in-lane toll collection process to be automated in such a way that drivers do not have to stop and pay cash at a toll booth. Toll booth facility operators can improve customer service and satisfaction by speeding their trip through the toll plaza.

Using electronic toll collection technology from JAI, toll booth throughput can be increased dramatically, leading to smoother everyday traffic conditions and minimizing the risk of traffic congestion.

The longer-term benefits are lower operation costs, since additional investment in more toll booths can be postponed and the number of staff dedicated to the toll collection process in many situations can be reduced.

Electronic Toll Collection also has a positive impact on the environment: the fewer the cars and trucks idling at toll plazas, the less wasteful exhaust is released into the atmosphere.

Electronic toll collection – a JAI specialty
Electronic Toll Collection for toll violation enforcement and video billing is one of JAI’s specialties. Accuracy rates of over 95% on readable license plates, and as high as 98%, have been achieved in field tests. No other company has achieved these rates under realistic operational test conditions.

More information
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