JAI SDK and Control Tool

JAI SDK and Control Tool 

Version 3 of the JAI SDK and Control Tool adds several new capabilities to this versatile software package. Most importantly, it expands the capabilities of the GigE Vision Filter Driver to run on Windows 10 environments while also allowing other filter drivers such as WireShark to monitor GVSP traffic. It also adds generic chunk support to the SDK.

As in the past, the JAI SDK and Control Tool provides a common GenTL and GenICam-based control interface capable of working with GigE Vision, Camera Link, CoaXPress, and USB3 Vision cameras. Please download and review the Getting Started Guide and the Latest Release Notes for information about how to set up the software for use with the various supported interfaces, as well as specific functional limitations of various interfaces.

32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Version 3 software can be installed and run on Windows 10, Windows 8.x, and Windows 7 operating systems.

The software package includes:

  • SDK components required for easily integrating JAI GenICam-based cameras into vision applications.
  • Filter driver for fast and efficient streaming of packet-based data.
  • The JAI Control Tool. a generic application that can be used for evaluating and controlling all JAI Spark Series and Go Series cameras, as well as other GigE Vision and GenICam-compliant cameras regardless of series. The graphical user interface allows the user to see and activate the available features and functions of the connected camera(s). Streaming and viewing capabilities vary depending on the interface.

Like previous releases, Version 3 of the JAI SDK and Control Tool is vendor independent, meaning it can be used with non-JAI cameras that are GigE Vision and GenICam compliant, as well as GenTL-compliant third-party cameras and frame grabbers using Camera Link, USB3 Vision, or CoaXPress. Contact JAI to learn more about third-party compatibility.

Download Version 3 software
Use the links at the right to download either the 32-bit or 64-bit installer packages for the latest Version 3 release. These packages include a complete set of documentation for both the SDK and Control Tool, as well as a short "Getting Started Guide." The Getting Started Guide can also be downloaded separately to guide the installation process.

Compatibility note: most applications developed with the previous SDK can be simply recompiled to work with Version 3. Contact JAI if you have any questions or encounter any compatibility problems.

Download older software versions
If you have existing systems running Version 2 or Version 1.4.1 of the JAI SDK and don't want to migrate those to Version 3, you will find links to the older versions directly below the Version 3 download box.

Firmware Updaters ("down-graders")
JAI GigE Vision cameras shipped after 1 July 2010 support the GenICam standard feature naming convention (SFNC). Some users may want to modify the firmware in their new camera to a "non-SFNC" configuration, in order to use them in systems with other non-SFNC cameras. JAI provides a set of "Firmware Updaters" to enable customers to modify the XML files in their new cameras to a non-SFNC configuration. A list of updaters is provided on the right side of this page. Click on a link to download the appropriate firmware updater if needed.

Redistributables in Full Versions
Please note: In Version 1.4.1, both "full" and "reduced" versions are offered. The following redistributables are included in the “full” versions of the JAI SDK & Control Tool. You MUST have these already installed in order to use the “reduced” versions:

Product: Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Service Pack 2

32-bit installations
Filename: NetFx20SP2_x86.exe

64-bit installations
Filename: NetFx20SP2_x64.exe

Download URL: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=1639

JAI SDK and Control Tool.

Windows Software
Version 3.0.4

Getting Started Guide (PDF)
Download 32-bit version
(86 MB)
Download 64-bit version
(111 MB)
Latest Release Notes (PDF)

Important Note:
The JAI SDK installation program should be run with elevated privileges (this is a MUST for Windows 10 and Windows 8.x), or the installation may fail:

1. Right-click on the installation file in the Windows File Manager.

2. Select "Run as administrator"

Note that the "Microsoft .NET Framework" will be installed first if it is not already installed on the target computer. The software requires either Version 3.5.1 of the .NET Framework or Version 4.5 or higher on operating systems that don't allow direct installation of Version 3.5.1.   

Note also that the JAI Control Tool application should be run with administrator privileges.

Windows Software
Version 2.1.6

Getting Started Guide (PDF)
Download 32-bit version
(98 MB)
Download 64-bit version
(126 MB)


Windows Software
Version 1.4.1
Getting Started Guide (PDF)
Getting Started Guide 日本語版(PDF)
Download full 32-bit version
(54.4 MB)
Download full 64-bit version
(82.8 MB)
Download Reduced* 32-bit version
(9.0 MB - see note)
Download Reduced* 64-bit version
(12.9 MB - see note

*Note: Reduced versions are significantly smaller files that do not include redistributables, samples and documentation. You MUST have specific versions of Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual C++ already installed on your PC for the reduced version to work (see description at left). If you do not -- or if you are not sure -- please download and install the full version.

XML Updaters

Reconfigure a camera to a non-SFNC configuration:

Download one of the following updaters if you need to reconfigure a camera shipped after 1 July 2010 to a non-SFNC configuration. All files are approximately 1 MB.


AB-1600GE (10 Dec. 2010)
AM-1600GE (10 Dec. 2010)
AD-080GE (25 Nov. 2010)
AD-081GE (25 Nov. 2010)
BM/BB-500GE (25 Nov. 2010)
BM/BB-141GE (25 Nov. 2010)
CM/CB-200GE (25 Nov. 2010)
CM/CB-140GE (25 Nov.2010)
CM-140GE-UV (2 March 2011)
CM/CB-080GE (25 Nov. 2010)
CM/CB-040GE (25 Nov. 2010)
CM/CB-030GE (25 Nov. 2010)


JAI GigEカメラ 機能名変更のお知らせ

GenICam SFNC ver1.2 対応変更点概要
新・旧JAI GigE カメラ 設定項目の取扱いの違いについて

Windows Software
Version 1.2.5
Full 32-bit version
(48 MB)
 Full 64-bit version
(75 MB)

Windows Software
Version 1.3.0
Full 32-bit version
(53 MB)
 Full 64-bit version
(78.7 MB)

Windows Software
Version 1.4.0
Full 32-bit version
(54.8 MB)
 Full 64-bit version
(83 MB)

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