iPORT firmware option for selected GigE cameras


This page provides software download options for RM, RMC, TM, or TMC GigE camera models ordered with the OP-iPORT (iPORT Puli3 firmware configuration) option. This option is no longer offered for new camera orders.

Read the information below to choose the right option for your needs.


GigE Vision Camera Configuration
If you have a JAI RM/TM-series GigE camera with the OP-iPORT option, you can use the links at the right side of the page to download the final iPORT/Cam2Net GigE software and manual for your camera.

Upgrading to full GigE Vision and GenICam compliance
Any camera running the Pleora iPORT GigE firmware can be upgraded to full GigE Vision / GenICam compliance. This process involves updating the camera firmware, then installing either the JAI GigE Vision SDK and Control Tool or a third party software package offering full GigE Vision / GenICam compliance.

To upgrade a camera, check the label on the bottom of the camera to determine the manufacturing date, then select from one of the options listed below to configure your camera. You will need to download and read the Update/Upgrade document, then download/run the firmware updater for your camera model. 

(Note: If you are installing the software on a PC that contains older iPORT/Cam2Net software, you must uninstall the old software and drivers before running the CPU and firmware updaters. See installation guide for instructions.)

For cameras manufactured on or after November 1, 2007:

   GigE Vision Update Procedure (1.2 MB)

   Firmware Updaters:
   TM/RM/TMC/RMC-1327 Series
   TM/RM/TMC/RMC-1405 Series
   TM/RM/TMC/RMC-2030 Series
   TM/RM/TMC/RMC-2040 Series
   TM/RM/TMC/RMC-4200 Series
   TM/RM/TMC/RMC-6740 Series


For cameras manufactured before November 1, 2007:

These are "Puli2" cameras, which require different firmware and a different update process

   GigE Vision Upgrade-Install Guide (3.9 MB)

   Firmware Updaters:
   TM-1327GE / RM-1327GE
   TM-1405GE / RM-1405GE
   TM-2030GE / RM-2030GE
   TM-2040GE / RM-2040GE
   TM-4100GE / RM-4100GE
   TM-4200GE / RM-4200GE
   TM-6740GE / RM-6740GE

   TMC-1327GE / RMC-1327GE
   TMC-1405GE / RMC-1405GE
   TMC-2030GE / RMC-2030GE
   TMC-2040GE / RMC-2040GE
   TMC-4100GE / RMC-4100GE
   TMC-4200GE / RMC-4200GE
   TMC-6740GE / RMC-6740GE


Once you have updated the firmware, you can download and install your choice of GigE Vision / GenICam compliant software packages.

JAI recommends the use of the JAI GigE Vision SDK and Control Tool. Click the following link to be taken to the download page for the latest software and documentation.

   JAI GigE Vision SDK and Control Tool 
   (32- or 64-bit for Windows or Vista)

If you prefer to stay with the Cam2Net/Coyote environment, you can continue to use the iPORT software and documentation downloaded at the right side of this page. Consult the documentation included with the Cam2Net software installation regarding configuring the SW for full GigE Vision / GenICam operation.

You can also choose third party application development libraries that support GigE Vision and GenICam.  

Restore Firmware
If, after upgrading a camera's firmware, you want to go back to using the camera in a non-GigE Vision / GenICam compliant mode, you will have to restore the firmware changes made by the updater package. Click the link below to download the appropriate "Firmware Restore" package for your camera. Instructions can be found at the back of the GigE Vision Update Procedure manual.

For cameras manufactured on or after November 1, 2007 but before May 1, 2011 (see label on bottom of camera)

   Firmware Restore Package - (492 KB)

For cameras manufactured before November 1, 2007 (see label on bottom of camera)

   Firmware Restore Package - (460 KB)


Previous SW Versions
If you need an older version of the Cam2Net/Coyote software for a TM, TMC, RM, or RMC camera model, you can download it here.

Note: Only works with cameras manufactured prior to November 1, 2007 with original or restored firmware. See label on bottom of camera for manufacturing date.

   Cam2Net v2.2.0 - (13.4 MB - uses v2.17.0 installer)


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