License Plate Reading 
  • High performance license plate reading
  • Accuracy typically in excess of 95%
  • Multiple country modules
  • Flexible design
  • Easy learning and training
  • Low processing power
  • Works on standard Windows platform

The high-performance VRS Reader software (ALPR/ANPR) can be run on any modern PC platform, providing great flexibility.

VRS Reader can be integrated with VISCAM AIO (all-in-one) systems, multi-component VISCAM installations, or delivered as a standalone package easily integrated into third party applications. It can be used by itself for OCR-based plate reading, or can be combined with the VRS Matcher software to generate even higher levels of automated vehicle identification. 

VRS Reader leverages the high quality of the images provided by the JAI imaging system to quickly and accurately locate the plate in the image and deliver outstanding read rates. Depending on the application, VRS reader can be "trained" to a single plate syle or to multiple styles to maximize the level of automation and reduce manual labor costs.

VRS Reader provides a cost-effective solution for many typical ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications including electronic toll collection, speed enforcement, open road tolling, section speed control and congestion charging systems.


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