VRS Matcher (vehicle "fingerprinting")

  • Visual "fingerprint" technology for graphics-based vehicle identification
  • Outstanding accuracy – even for vehicles with partially obscured plates
  • Plate style independent - no "training" required
  • Can be combined with VRS Reader for automated results well above industry averages

The patented VRS Matcher visual matching software treats the plate and surrounding areas as pure graphical elements, then uses special pattern recognition techniques to match vehicles to a continually expanding database of vehicle "fingerprints."

This approach enables VRS Matcher to work with multiple plate styles and different fonts without any special tuning. The visual fingerprint technology is ideal for non-LPR readable plates, such as vehicles with bent plates or those that are partially obscured by dirt, snow, trailer hitches, or other elements.

VRS Matcher can be used for applications where ALPR/ANPR is not required - such as travel time monitoring or tracking ingress/egress from a parking structure - or when plate reading is limited or prohibited due to privacy concerns.

When used together with the VRS Reader software, VRS Matcher can reduce manual review to near zero. In these integrated systems, plates that are clearly readable are hadled by the OCR capabilities of VRS Reader while more challenging plates are referred to VRS Matcher and compared against a vehicle fingerprint library.

In actual installations, the VRS Matcher and VRS Reader combination has delivered proven results as much as 10-15% above industry averages. 


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