JAI VISCAM-500 AIO all-in-one vehicle imaging system 
  • All-in-one vehicle imaging system
  • 3-megapixel camera provides full lane coverage and 12' vertical FOV (3.7m)
  • Patented IR self-trigger technology
  • Choice of illumination options for 24/7 operation
  • High dynamic range, zero smear camera technology
  • Flexible networking via standard "EN Series" Ethernet protocol
  • Built-in PowerPC processor

The VISCAM-500 AIO is a configurable, high performance imaging systems suitable for a wide range of traffic applications.

VISCAM AIO systems incorporate a high quality JAI traffic camera, calibrated lens, patented IR-trigger technology, light sensor, LED illumination, image processing module, and network interface into a single weatherproof housing designed for easy installation and maintenance.

One of the systems’ most innovative elements is the newly-patented JAI IR-trigger module, which uses modulated IR light reflected off the vehicle plate to create a “virtual trigger line” that ensures consistent capture of vehicle images as they pass through the camera’s field of view.

The IR-triggering capability enables the VISCAM AIO systems to be quickly deployed for a wide range of applications without the need for ground loops, laser detectors, or other lane controller infrastructure costs.

A choice of built-in or external light sensing technology continuously adjusts exposure setting on the camera to ensure high quality, high contrast images for plate reading and/or enforcement purposes. This light sensing technology eliminates the need for mechanically moving parts (i.e. auto-iris lens), greatly reducing the risk of field failures.

A pan-tilt-roll mounting assembly enables the camera to be quickly and easily installed on existing gantry structures or to be attached to poles, buildings or other structures. 

Datasheet (PDF)

Manual (PDF)

For the latest EN setup software and unified firmware, please visit the download center

Click here to read about the launch of the new VISCAM AIO series at Intertraffic 2011 in Istanbul 

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