Case story: Speed Enforcement, Holland

JAI speed enforcement 
JAI speed enforcement systems throughout the Netherlands

Country: The Netherlands
Traffic Authority: Dutch Government
System Integrator Partner: Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

In a world of increasing traffic and growing mobility, pressure in metropolitan areas has reached all-time
highs. This situation has created a demand for a system that prioritizes safety and smooth traffic by enforcing speed. It’s just such a system that JAI and systems integrator Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has delivered to the Dutch Ministry of Transport.

Proven technology on Dutch highways
The purpose of the speed enforcement system is to make drivers passing through heavily congested areas of highway aware that cameras would be capturing their license plate information in case they were driving recklessly. And it has worked – automated speed enforcement systems have not only resulted in safe and consistent highway speeds but also reduced highway noise, air pollution and traffic accidents. The Dutch Police Agency and the Dutch Ministry of Transport measured a 25% reduction in traffic fatalities, a 30% reduction in traffic congestion and a 7% reduction in air pollution along the controlled road sections.

Speed enforcement in all weather conditions
JAI has been the exclusive camera systems supplier for CSC in the four section control solutions implemented throughout the Netherlands. Using JAI’s patented dynamic light sensing technology, the Ethernet-based system provides sharp vehicle images both in harsh daylight and total darkness, as well as in rain, snow and other unfavorable weather conditions. The Dutch section speed control system operates 24/7 - all year round.

JAI’s vehicle identification system contains innovative digital camera technology and Vehicle Matching Software Technology developed by JAI, making the system capable of capturing vehicle images at up to 327 km/h.

More systems to be installed in the Netherlands
Today the existence of over 25 JAI Section Control projects across Europe has proven its success. The CSC/JAI projects in particular have thrived. CSC Application Delivery Manager Edwin Roestenburg is more than satisfied with the partnership and the JAI solutions;

“JAI has been a serious, long-time partner for CSC and will continue to be in the future. We’ve come to know
them for their reliable systems that can capture highquality images in all lighting conditions.”

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