Case story - Speed Enforcement, Holland


Spot speed and red light enforcement systems throughout the Netherlands

Country: The Netherlands
Traffic Authority: Dutch Government
System Integrator Partner: PEEK Traffic B.V.

The Ministry of Justice has entered a framework agreement with PEEK Traffic B.V. for the delivery and installation of their new generation Digital Flash Pole Systems. The Digital Flash Pole Systems will not only be used for spot speed and red light enforcement but also in the future for traffic control to limit e.g. city air pollution. Over the next couple of years, this Digital Flash Pole Systems will be installed throughout the Netherlands to replace the old analogue flash systems.

Ground loops and cameras register the speed of each passing vehicle. When a speed limit violation is detected the license number is automatically registered. These data are digitally transmitted immediately to the central processing unit of the police.

Unique lighting and camera technology from JAI
JAI has been the exclusive camera system supplier for the PEEK Traffic B.V. Digital Flash Pole Systems and was selected mainly due to innovative products and excellent service, which is mandatory in the process of developing and launching new products. Using JAI’s patented lighting technology, cameras and dual flash system, the system delivers outstanding performance in all weather conditions and is capable of catching vehicles speeding at up to 250 km/h (certified).

System integrated into one unit
During a pilot scheme, PEEK proved that the innovative all-in-one concept of the Digital Flash Pole System provided superior performance. In contrast with other digital systems, all functions are integrated into one unit. The eye-catching design and the technology used in the new Digital Flash Pole Systems makes it a unique PEEK product. The round pole replaces the well-known “pigeon houses” that are currently used. The 4 meter high steel casing with built-in tamper sensors (including heat, vibration and smoke), quick digital processing and instant transfer of violations make the system extremely secure.

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