Case Story: Open Road Tolling, USA


High performance imaging yields major reductions in operating costs

Country: USA (Florida)
Traffic Authority: Florida's Turnpike Enterprises
System Integrator Partner: PBS&J

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprises (FTE) operates nearly 460 miles of toll roads within the state of Florida, making it one of the largest toll road operators in the United States. In 2006, the company initiated a major upgrade project designed to reduce operating costs and replace its aging toll collection system with state-of-the-art technology.

One of the key pieces of the five-year, $229 million project was the selection of JAI’s VISCAM vehicle imaging technology to provide high performance image capture for both open road tolling and violation enforcement. Working closely with a system integration partner and the project’s consulting engineering firm, PBS&J, JAI has begun a phased delivery of new traffic solutions to upgrade the infrastructure for over 800 toll lanes throughout the state.

Already in place are VISCAM systems supporting the project’s goal of reducing the number of manned toll lanes and expanding ORT lanes to improve traffic flow and safety at toll plazas. In some cases, these systems capture front and rear plate images to provide violation enforcement in support of transponder-based toll collection, in other cases, the images are used directly for video-based toll collection.

In another early phase, new VISCAM systems were installed on gantries above a stretch of reversible open road tolling lanes – the first project of its kind in the United States. The high resolution systems are positioned to capture both front and rear plate images, regardless of which direction traffic is flowing.

All of the new VISCAM systems are connected with FTE’s consolidated transaction host environment, which provides the FTE staff with easy access to information regarding current traffic levels, revenue, and maintenance.

By integrating the new VISCAM components with the existing infrastructure of toll plazas, gantries, ground loops, lane controllers, and AVI equipment, JAI is helping FTE to achieve its goal of streamlined operations with a simplified modular architecture that can be more easily maintained and updated in the future. PBS&J representatives have estimated that the new systems will reduce FTE’s costs associated with toll operations by as much as 20 percent while providing FTE’s customers with faster toll collection and an improved overall experience.


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