LED Flash Products

Light Sources 
  • External light sources for 24/7 day/night operation
  • Provides illumination for vehicle and scene details
  • Can be used with JAI or third-party vehicle imaging systems
  • Light spectrum configurations for most challenging color and monochrome camera applications
  • High powered near infrared and visible flash combinations capture all color details (blue, red, black, etc.)
  • Field proven long-life operation

JAI’s LED flash products provide high-powered scene illumination to complement the on-axis ring lights found in most vehicle imaging systems. While on-axis lighting helps improve the readability of number plates in dark conditions, these external LED flash systems make sure that the vehicle and other surrounding details are also properly exposed for a more complete and indisputable enforcement package.

JAI’s flagship flash product, the TNL-50, is a compact, lightweight high powered LED flash unit offering beam angles suitable for single-lane or dual-lane coverage. Its high strobe frequency allows for a very short trigger-to-trigger interval for use with heavy and/or fast-moving traffic, including a 75 Hz burst mode for image sequences. 

Wavelengths include NIR (850nm), blue (470nm), and white (visible spectrum). An advanced “Traffic Safety Mode” combines continuous low intensity lighting with triggered strobe pulses to minimize driver distraction and allow white/blue light (for color imaging) to be used in more situations.   

Similar capabilities are also available in lower power, lower cost configurations for parking lot scenarios or other applications involving stopped vehicles and/or shorter lighting distances.

JAI works closely with customers to ensure the selection and calibration of LED flash products to ensure quality images that support the highest possible automated read rates and maximum enforcement.




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